Ambulatory respiratory polygraph SLEEP&GO SIBEL, S.A.

Ambulatory respiratory polygraph SLEEP&GO SIBEL, S.A.

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This is a powerful cardiorespiratory polygraph instrument. It consists of 8 standard channels and can be expanded up to 16 standard channels depends on the client requirements. Sleep & Go device can go along with wide range of mix signals such as respiratory flow (nasal cannula and thermocouple), snoring, CPAP pressure, thoracic effort, abdominal effort, pulseoximetry, beats per minute, plethysmographic wave, limb movement, body position, actigraphy (activity) and EEG, EOG, EMG and/or ECG signals. This device meets and complies with the latest guidelines that follow AASM (American Academy of Sleep Medicine) and the GES (Spanish Sleep Group).
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