Ambulatory respiratory polygraph SCREEN&GO SIBEL, S.A.

Ambulatory respiratory polygraph SCREEN&GO SIBEL, S.A.

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The Screen&Go is regarded as a powerful single channel SAHS screening device provides the necessary signals using a nasal canuula for an easy, reliable and fast diagnosis of the patient. The device follows all the latest guidelines AASM (American Academy of Sleep Medicine) and the GES (Spanish Sleep Group). The Screen&Go is expandable up to 7 simultaneous channels for respiratory flow through a nasal cannula and a thermocouple, snoring, chest effort, oxygen saturation, beats per minute, body position and activity and maily features Type IV respiratory polygraph. The device enables a user friendly operation and features a color graphics screen and MicroSD / MicroSD HC memory card with optional in-built activity sensor. Proper identification of apneas, hypopneas and flow restriction is possible with the square root generating linearize flow wave. The screen enables a real time viewing of signals, on-screen quality control and on-screen equipment status information.
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