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Superb Low Dose CT 


SCENARIA View continues its evolution for doctors, operators and patients, driving you ahead with a superb low dose CT.


Hitachi’s Intelli IPV technology with Visual Modeling enables both, significant noise and dose reduction while preserving an excellent image texture, providing outstanding image quality and a relax patient experience.


Supreme examination speed is being achieved by SynergyDrive, a high-speed image reconstruction tool that impacts on a wide range of scan tasks, massively shortening scan time thanks to its sophisticated automatic features.


The industry leading 800 mm bore combined with its lateral side slide table reduces patient anxiety and allows easy patient positioning.




  • Up to 83% dose reduction with Hitachi’s Intelli IPV technology
  • Hitachi’s SynergyDrive workflow solution combines automation, consistency and speed to generate high quality images with high patient throughput to meet the needs of any busy department.
  • HiMAR metal artefact reduction 
  • Dual Energy scan 
  • 20cm lateral table movement for dose reduction and increased patient comfort
  • Power saving Eco Mode function during standby and night
  • Convenient 15’’ touch vision panel system, allowing scan guidance in 11 languages as well as pediatric assistance
  • Minimum tube rotation time: 0.35 sec whole-body scanning
  • Maximum field of view: 500mm
  • Gantry aperture: 800mm
  • Lateral table motion: 200mm
  • Number of slices: 128
  • X-ray tube: 45 MHU equivalent
  • Generator: 72/84kW*  (84kW = optional) 
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