Air purifier for healthcare facilities KDSJ ceiling Laoken

Air purifier for healthcare facilities KDSJ ceiling Laoken
KDSJ ceiling

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Parameter & Performances: l UV disinfection l Initial and medium effect filtration and sterilization l Activated ion deodorizing film l Automatic starting device of standby UV lamp l Negative oxygen ion purification l Automatic alarm when UV lamp facing the trouble l One-off filtration reticulation l Automatic pollution source detecting l Automatic UV intensity detector l Automatic maintainance alarm l Photo catalyst sterilization l Filtration net expiry alarm Applicable for: l Medical: Operating room, maternity ward, infant room, premature infant room, germ-free room of supplying room, burn ward and ICU etc~ l Pharmaceutical factories: germ-free room and laboratory etc~ l Food & drink factory: Manufacture workshop, packing workshop and germ-free workshop etc~ l Public places: conference room, hotel, amusement place and office etc~
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