Medical ultrasonic bath 5 - 20L Laoken

Medical ultrasonic bath 5 - 20L Laoken
5 - 20L

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Principle: Ultrasonic cleanout machine is mainly made of ultrasonic signal generator, ultrasonic transducer and cleaning slot. High frequency vibratory signal produced by ultrasonic signal generator is converted into high frequency mechanical vibration of tens of thousands of times per second through transducer. It forms ultrasonic in the cleaning solution (media) which expand radiation through transducer through high-frequency changing of positive and negative pressure. That produces small bubbles in the cleaning solution and the small bubbles will rupture continuously. This is the gasification effect. When the bubbles breaks it will form more then 1000 transient high-pressure which is above atmospheric pressure, then it generates a series of mighty energy, thus exerts huge impact to the surroundings, then pushing it exerts to the surface flakes away the dirty dust form the surface of machines so as to reach the goal of purification. Applicable for: washing the apparatus devices fitting, semiconductor chip , magnet material , optic lens and spare fittings, terylene filter chip, latex patterns, medical devices, glass vessel, complex geometry fitting. It is especially suitable for foramen, concavo-convex dust clean.
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