Aesthetic medicine phototherapy lamp triWings®PDT Biophoton

Aesthetic medicine phototherapy lamp triWings®PDT Biophoton

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THE WORLD'S MOST EFFICIENT LED SYSTEM for photodynamic therapy WORLD FIRST MULTIPLE WAVELENGHT LED SYSTEM Yellow: 590 nm + Red: 630 nm BREAKTHROUGH IN PDT TREATMENT OF PRE-CANCEROUS LESIONS WITH YELLOW AND RED LEDS The LED bio process action hasthe following effects: Repolarization of the cell membran. (CNRS Toulouse France) Tissue modification of the «free water / bound water»ratio for an anti-inflammatory effect. (Pool GBM Univ. Toulouse France) Absorption by the cytochrome oxydase with stimulation of cell metabolism. (Univ. Genova Italia) Activation of the dermal papillae increasing blood microcirculation (Vinscience Laboratories, Sofia Antipolis, France) The LED bio process action has the following effects : - triWings® scientific works and clinical studies allow to know the biological action and to use safely the led therapy. - triWings® is the wordl first Medical Device able to combine different bright and powerfull colours that have a direct effect on skin diseases and pre-cancerous lesions using PDT. - triWings® treatments combine multiple colours and decrease pain and inflammation, to treat burns and help to repair the injured skin. - triWings® doesnt heat up the skin and sessions are therefore painless and safe for the patient.