Aesthetic medicine phototherapy lamp triWings®EXPERT Biophoton

Aesthetic medicine phototherapy lamp triWings®EXPERT Biophoton

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WORLD FIRSTMULTIPLE WAVELENGHT LED SYSTEM Yellow: 590 nm ; Red: 630 nm; Blue: 470 nm ; Violet: 415 nm; Infra Red: 850nm DYNAMIC PHOTOTHERAPY leads to the production of collagen; the photonic, histological and chemical studies have demonstrated the improvement of the skin texture due to the increase of collagen synthesis by the fibroblast. The increase of skin micro-circulation leads to the improvement of the biochemical exchanges as well as the decrease in production of free radicals. Recent studies have shown evidence of dermal papillae growth after six sessions THE LED BIO PROCESS ACTION HAS THE FOLLOWING EFFECTS Repolarization of the cell membrane. (Pr Teissié, CNRS, Institut de Genetique ,Toulouse, France) Tissue modification of the "free water / bound water"ratio for an anti-inflammatory effect. (Pool GBM Univ. Toulouse, France ) Absorption by the cytochrome oxydase with stimulation of cell metabolism. (Univ. Genova , Italia) Activation of the dermal papillae (Dr L. Fouque, Nice; Vinscience Laboratories,Sofia Antipolis, France)