Acquisition software / control / medical / radiography X-AQS Examion

Acquisition software / control / medical / radiography X-AQS Examion

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The powerful X-AQS Software is the heart of all digital radiography solutions. With this unique platform product, one can control, process and PACS archive all your digital X-ray processes. No matter how much your growing demands on digital X-ray increase, the X-AQS Software has been designed to grow together with you. The X-AQS Software is ‘the’ universal image acquisition software of the future, with superior connectivity to a widest range of different CR digitizers or DR detectors. The innovative graphical user interface easily and quickly guides the user through the complete imaging process and allows integrated X-ray generator control setting. As this full range of X-ray modalities are all managed by this intuitive single graphical user interface, training requirements for the software remain uniquely low. The X-AQS Software works with the most advanced, latest generation image processing algorithms (MTFA / de-noising, etc.).
  • Application domain:radiography, medical
  • Function:control, acquisition

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