3-wheel electric scooter LY-EW315 Comfort orthopedic

3-wheel electric scooter LY-EW315 Comfort orthopedic

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LY-EW315 is a large electric scooter which benefits from having 3 wheels for stability and a front basket. The 3-wheel scooter has a 16" front wheel and 16" rear wheels, a hand brake, and front and rear suspensions. The large scooter features a stylish brilliant headlight and panascopic sideview mirrors. The seat of the scooter has reclining, forward and backward movable functions. The scooter has a 110A controller and has a maximum load capacity of 180 kg. The scooter has a length of 1530 mm and a width of 700 mm and it can reach a maximum speed of 15 km/hr.
  • Number of wheels:3-wheel
No. 120 Niou Chour Puu Nan Shiang Tsuen,
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