Electric wheelchair / stand-up / interior HERO3-Classic Comfort orthopedic

Electric wheelchair / stand-up / interior HERO3-Classic Comfort orthopedic

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The Standing Wheelchair is a very unique piece of equipment. It allows someone who is normally confined to a seated position in a traditional wheelchair to STAND UP and stretch out with ease and safety, at any time, in any place. In addition to the standard features, your Standing Wheelchair will be personally manufactured to include custom optional items; (HIGH-TECH FABRIC anti-mold, anti-biotic, Euro standard flame retardant, water repellency;seat & backrest cushion system etc). The Standing Wheelchair not just a chair off the rack. Rather, it is a precision-built wheelchair that can help make you healthier and stronger through repeated standing. The Standing Wheelchair is meticulously crafted to YOUR NEEDS. Plus, toughness and durability are built in so you can expect comfort and flawless performance on a daily basis.
  • Other characteristics:interior
  • Propulsion:electric
  • Features:stand-up
No. 120 Niou Chour Puu Nan Shiang Tsuen,
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