1-arm dental laboratory parallelometer PAN ARTIGLIO SNC

1-arm dental laboratory parallelometer PAN ARTIGLIO SNC

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PAN, parallelometer specifically designed for threading holes and screws by using special tools named taps and threaders. The precision mandrel, in which the tool must be inserted, has a particular advancing system which makes the threading procedure easier, compared with the manual execution of this critical operation. The pitch of the lead screw must be selected once that the corresponding thread pitch has been identified, because the same pitch synchronizes the advancing and the rotation of the tap or of the threader in the piece to be worked. The cross-reference table below shows all diameters and thread pitches available and the reorder codes of lead screws, taps, threaders and tap drills. Included accessories Self-centering tap-holder mandrel Threader holder n. 1 lead screw on your choice Surveyoir point Threading fluid (50 cc bottle) Position stop
  • Number of arms:1-arm

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