Model holder for dental laboratories RAP DGT System ARTIGLIO SNC

Model holder for dental laboratories RAP DGT System ARTIGLIO SNC
RAP DGT System

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Base per conometria, fresaggio implantare e dime chirurgiche RAP DGT is the last evolution of the technique for the design of implant-supported prostheses. The easy reading of the digital display allows an immediate and sure recording of the angular values a very wide angular range. The use of the system DGT, combined with the software AMI, gives the technician not only the mean implant axis value (AMI) and the aesthetical-functional range but also points out the structural risk factor of the work to be done. An advanced approach to the planning and fabrication of implant-supported prostheses that is simpler and cheaper than the past. The use of mathematical data immediately given by the software allows the technician to work safely with the certainty to perform a flawless denture either on functional or on aesthetical point of view. Performances Conometric and conical milling Measuring of the insertion path of the model and of every single element /implant A.M.I. (Implant-supported prostheses Mean Axis) computing Positioning of drilling guides in the surgical guides Finding of the right pre-angled post Available bases pneumatic base, for the vacuum locking either on steel or granite working planes; steel base, for the locking on electromagnetic working planes or; switch-off magnetic base, for the locking on steel working planes. Available plates mechanical plates, suitable for a universal fixing of the model; plates for articulators or split-cast systems, to guarantee the perfect repositioning of the model on its original position; special plates designed for Galileo Pack application.

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