Sectra and 
Samsung have a strategic partnership aimed at providing government authorities with an eavesdrop-secure smartphone solution. The result, the Sectra Tiger®/R , has now been approved by the Dutch national communication security authority for use up to and including the security level RESTRICTED.

The combined offering includes Sectra’s defense-grade encryption and phone integrity package leveraging the Samsung KNOX platform. It prevents eavesdropping and substantially reduces vulnerability to malicious applications and tampering. Sectra Tiger/R will also allow the separation of private and professional data on a single smartphone.

“This approval for RESTRICTED is confirmation that the Sectra/Samsung solution meets the highest demands and user needs for security in an environment where new serious threats against smartphones are appearing more and more frequently,” says Simo Pykälistö, President of Sectra Communications.

Sectra Tiger/R is part of a common infrastructure with fully interoperable Sectra Tiger solutions for both RESTRICTED and SECRET. This provides flexibility for organizations with individuals who have different security needs by creating a highly secure environment that is also cost-efficient to maintain.

“ Sectra is a pioneer in mobile voice encryption, with 20 years’ experience of mastering mobile secure communication systems,” says Menno van den Berg , Vice President Mobile at Samsung Electronics Benelux . “With this partnership, now with the formal approval from the Dutch national communication security agency, we are making smartphone technology available to a large group of users who were not previously able to use it due to security concerns, thus enhancing efficiency for such organizations as government authorities.”

Sectra Tiger/R will be showcased at the major IT security event in the Netherlands,, on Nov 2-3.

Watch a video on the solution:

Source & Image Credit: Sectra

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