AMA CORPORATION PLC, and ROFIM, developers of telemedicine software, announce the launch of a global solution for surgical remote assistance, covering the pre-, per- and post-operative phases.


This integrated solution, accessible via a web browser, extends from tele-expertise to remote expert assistance. It enables medical centers to request a specialist opinion from a reference center by transmitting the patient's medical file and preoperative images (CT scans, MRIs, etc.) and organizing inter-center multidisciplinary meetings. During the operation, thanks to assisted reality, the surgeon can share his or her point of view in real-time with a remote expert. The expert receives various video streams simultaneously (connected glasses, third-party cameras, endoscopy column, etc.) and benefits from advanced functionalities such as video pointing, annotations, live document sharing, zoom, and brightness and contrast control.


According to Dr. Daniel Pietrasz, surgeon at the Paul-Brousse AP-HP hospital, this encrypted and secure solution, with no data storage, represents a considerable advantage for requesting centers, expert centers, and patients. "For requesting centers, it means a transfer of expertise and maintenance of activity, especially for complex cases. For the expert centers, it's an opportunity to extend their influence beyond geographical borders and to provide a second opinion for complex surgical situations such as transplantation and the use of perfusion machines. As for patients, they benefit from an exchange of surgical expertise to anticipate the key elements of pre-, intra-, and post-operative management." The solution can also be used within hospitals to assist junior surgeons in the operating theatre.


This innovative solution, the result of collaboration between AMA and ROFIM, has its origins in a long-term partnership with the "Bloc OPératoire Augmenté" innovation chair, known as BOPA (AP-HP, Mines Telecom Institut, University of Paris Saclay). It has already been used in several healthcare establishments, including BOPA, and deployed by the ARS and GRADeS in French Guiana and Martinique. According to Pr. Éric Vibert, transplant surgeon at the Paul-Brousse AP-HP hospital and founder of the BOPA Innovation Chair, the emergence of this solution under the impetus of Dr. Daniel Pietrasz is a fine illustration of the dynamic transformation of operating room practices with the arrival of new digital tools, particularly as it encourages new forms of cooperation between centers. As such, it is in line with the major orientations of the France 2030 plan, launched by the French government to support and accelerate innovation in healthcare and the continuous improvement of care.


Source: AMA

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