‘Your COVID Recovery’ – NHS Launches Online Rehabilitation Service

‘Your COVID Recovery’ – NHS Launches Online Rehabilitation Service

A new on-demand recovery service being launched by the U.K. National Health System (NHS) will help those suffering post-coronavirus effects. The patients would be able to contact health professionals either online or by phone.


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Called ‘Your COVID Recovery,’ the new service is rolled out as part of a larger NHS initiative to provide access to COVID-19 rehabilitation to those who survived the disease. Evidence shows that it is likely for them to suffer from a number of problems, including difficulties with breathing, fatigue, reduced muscle function and mental health issues, such as PTSD and depression. This initiative has already seen the opening of a new Seacole rehabilitation centre for those most seriously affected, and similar facilities are expected to follow suit soon.

The eligible patients will be able to connect to their local support team to have face-to-face consultation with physiotherapists, nurses and mental health specialists. This first phase is planned to be launched later in July and will offer the latest advice on COVID-19 recovery.

Following this, special online service packages will be offered to those who need personalised care. Such rehabilitation packages would see the services offered for a period of up to 12 weeks. They are now in development and will include:

  • Access, online or by phone, to a local clinical team.
  • An online peer-support community.
  • Exercise tutorials with the focus on regaining muscle strength and lung function.
  • Mental health support of various degrees.

To get access to this part, a patient will need to go through some tests at a face-to-face assessment. This should help to fine-tune the services to their needs. The eligible patients will receive the details to access the online portal from any web-enabled device. Alternatively, printed materials would be distributed.

The health professionals behind the rehabilitation service will have access to their patients’ data and monitor the patients’ condition so that the treatment could be adjusted if necessary.

Source: NHS

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Published on : Mon, 6 Jul 2020

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