NHS Digital Transfers Key Health Services to AWS Cloud

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NHS Digital has announced the transfer of e-Referral Service (e-RS) and NHS 111 Directory of Services onto Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Computing Services.


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The move represents migration of the first major NHS systems as part of a wider adoption of the cloud.


The e-RS service has been prepared for Internet access and will be available for public Internet access in the spring when NHS Identity takes on responsibility for user authentication.


Currently, 1,100 healthcare providers use the service to make 70,000 patient referrals daily.


The Directory of Service provides information about services and clinicians, handling more than 16 million searches annually.


“There are a wealth of benefits that come from moving large systems like e-RS and DoS to the cloud.  Costs are lowered, reducing pressure on the public purse, there is better security and reliability, as well as greater flexibility, performance, scalability and availability, to name a few,” said Neil Bennett, Director of Services at NHS Digital.


Ben Tongue, Sustainability Manager at NHS Digital commented on energy-saving benefits AWS offers compared to enterprise and legacy systems. “We are working with AWS to achieve full transparency on the energy use and carbon impact of the contract, so that we can continue to focus on ensuring that our storage systems are as energy efficient as possible, reducing carbon emissions and minimising environmental impact.”


Source: NHS Digital

Image credit: iStock


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Published on : Tue, 28 Jan 2020

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