mhealth Intelligence has reported that in a recent survey of businesses in the U.S. and the UK that 99 percent of Application Development Directors or Managers said they saw the importance of introducing mobility into their applications. Furthermore, monetising mHealth was also of a key goal.

Many healthcare organisations are now scrambling to introduce an app to their operations and are facing the classic “build versus buy” question.

In the same survey, 95 percent of respondents said that they had each taken on up to ten mobile app projects in 2015 and half admitted to a backlog of between 10 and 20 apps. In fact, they said that developing an app can take anywhere from three to 12 months.

Respondents added that the two main factors that contributed to the backlogs were budget and time – or lack of it.

The 3 Key Challenges for In-House Apps

·      Most Organisations Do Not Have the Staff with the Necessary Skills

·      Creating an In-House Team is Costly and Takes Time

·      Risks Such as Cutting Edge Quality and Commitment Can Undermine and In-House Team

On the other hand, outsourcing an mHealth project to a Mobile App Developer Can Offer Advantages. Such a strategic decision can save time and money while yielding better results, the report said.

·      When a tech project is outsourced, the benefits are the following:

·      Fixed costs and delivery.

·      Immediate start rather than lag while building a team.

·      Synergy: An established team will be up to speed with the latest technologies and have worked together before.

Additional advantages include accountability, access to plug-and-play features and modules ad, frequently, greater experience and expertise.

The reports goes on to describe further limits of using an in-house team owing to the fact that keeping up with the demand for apps and on top of the latest technology can be hard going.

“Securing the support of a third-party expert to address both backlog app projects and new initiatives simply makes more sense than trying to handle it all in-house,” the report says.

If your healthcare facility is considering developing its mHealth presence, what route would you take  - in-house or outsourcing and why?


Source: mhealth Intelligence

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