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IT Management

Health IT: Benefits to Both Patients and Providers

2017 31 Jan

Information technology continues to expand its role in improving care delivery, especially with increasing use of mHealth tools. In addition to improving quality of care, healthcare leaders are increasingly relying on IT to improve their organisation's overall operational or business performance.     Embracing bimodal or hybrid IT strategy was an... Read more

IT Management

New Alliance Aims to Improve mHealth App Use

2017 10 Jan

Mobile health apps and devices (e.g., wearables) are useful tools for people to take control over their own health and wellness. As more of these mHealth apps become available, the issue of whether these digital tools are being used properly comes to the fore. Luckily, a new alliance has been formed primarily to improve the safety and effectiveness... Read more

Executive Health Management

Study Shows Security Risks of mHealth

2016 27 Dec

  Continuous improvement in mobile technology has led to more widespread use of personal health wearable devices used to monitor heart rates, sleep patterns, calories, and even stress levels. However, researchers from American University and Center for Digital Democracy claim that a lack of regulation enables unchecked use of personal health information... Read more

IT Management

2017 Digital Health Summit - CES 2017

2016 25 Dec

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IT Management

Major Health IT Event Opens with Recognition of Most Digitally Mature Hospitals

2016 24 Nov

The World of Health IT (WoHIT) has opened its doors to over 1,000 healthcare IT professionals from across 25 different countries worldwide today. Covering a range of the hottest topics in the industry, from mHealth and cybersecurity to genomics and integrated care, WoHIT has gathered the whole of the European and global eHealth community together. Steve... Read more