The HIMSS Europe CIO Summit will be celebrating its 6th year next month in Spain. This annual event which brings together leading European IT Directors and Senior Healthcare IT Executives focuses on the theme of "Preparing the ground for success".

This year, the CIO Summit, starting on October 7, will take place in the Hospital La Fe, a renowned HIMSS EMR Adoption Model (EMRAN) Stage 6 Hospital in Valencia.

The event will include two Hospital Tours: one HIMSS Stage 6 and, for the first time ever, one Stage 7 tour as well.

The first tour will take place at the Hospital La Fe on the first day of the summit. On the second day, delegates can tour Marina Salud, a HIMSS Stage 7 hospital in Dénia.

Stage 7 healthcare organisations demonstrate superior implementation and utilisation of health IT systems. Their achievement has resulted in the sharing, information exchange and immediate delivery of patient data to improve process performance, quality of care and safety.

Stage 6 institutions have established clear goals for improving safety, minimising errors, and prioritising IT implementations.

The summit is taking a new direction in its structure and content with the main focus on networking. 
During the hospital tours, delegates will have the opportunity to study logistics and pharmacy robots, use of nursing trolleys/cars, EMR Mobility, hospitalisation processes and to visit surgical areas and ICU.

The two-day summit programme also includes a "Future Investments in Healthcare" session dedicated to those involved in large European eHealth investment projects.

"We are very excited at the prospect of bringing together the continent's industry leaders to share the latest advancements in eHealth. This year's summit will touch on the most important topics of IT application in healthcare,” Christina Roosen, Vice President of HIMSS Europe said.

Source: HIMSS
Image Credit: Hospital La Fe

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