HIMSS Launches Interactive Cybersecurity Hub

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Next week, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) will launch a new, interactive Cybersecurity Hub. The move is part of the HIMSS Innovation Centre located in Cleveland.


HIMSS describe the hub as an “immersive learning environment aimed at de-mystifying the evolving threat landscape for executives, healthcare providers, IT professionals, policymakers and the general public.”


The hub will be an in-person exhibit that allows visitors to engage with a series of standalone interactive modules that simulate security-related scenarios. This will be followed with guidance through a selection of vendor solutions for addressing the security issues that arose from the scenarios.


HIMSS said that the multi-sensory journey showed how various points of care connect through electronic data and highlights that security risks can be encountered and the latest solutions designed to mitigate risk.

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“A strong cybersecurity framework is critical to our nation’s health infrastructure. We must protect patients’ safety and providers’ ability to deliver high-quality care,” HIMSS said.


It is the responsibility of HIMSS to assist stakeholders’ understanding of the breadth of security challenges faced in healthcare and to effectively address these challenges. “We believe that the educational information, product solutions and resources offered by the Cybersecurity Hub will be an important cornerstone in addressing these significant challenges.”


In its 2016 Cybersecurity Survey, HIMSS said that there was an increase in how healthcare faced cybersecurity issues. The survey said that 87 percent of acute providers and 81 percent of non-acute providers prioritised IT security in 2016. The top cybersecurity fears for providers were ransomware (69 percent), advanced persistent threat attacks (61 percent) and phishing attacks (61 percent).


Cybersecurity threats have been in the headlines routinely this year as cyber criminals have targeted healthcare demanding ransom for information. While the FBI and Europol advise to refuse to pay ransoms, many providers have found the pressure to hold out more compromising than paying.


Source: Healthcare Informatics 

Image Credit: Pixabay

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Published on : Tue, 18 Oct 2016

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