EXPAND: Key EU Project Presents Findings on Interoperability

Data and Interoperability in EU Healthcare
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An exciting event about the future of interoperability in the European Healthcare sector takes place in Lisbon next week with a focus on assets’ collection and usability plus actions needed to support, prepare and enable Member States to reap the benefits of safe and secure cross-border care.

Called the EXPAND Thematic Network, the two-year project has run since the beginning of 2014. Ahead of its closing at the end of this year, EXPAND will present its work and findings for sharing and debate.

“The aims of the project are to provide a bridge between the large-scale, cross-border health services pilot European Patients Smart Open Services (epSOS) and the large scale deployment EU initiative Connecting Europe Facility eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure (CEF eHealth DSI),” Project Coordinator Contact Henrique Martins said.

Cooperative Network

EXPAND is also supporting both the eHealth Network subgroups, consolidating needed information and legal, organisational, semantic and technical assets. Additionally, establishing a co-operation platform amongst Member States towards the upkeep of cross border health services is also part of its remit.

“The launch of successful eHealth Digital Services for cross-border care under the EU directive is one of the main focus of recent activity by the eHealth Network – a voluntary network of all 28 member state countries and the commission – and DG Santé,” Martins said. “Two main services are to be launched in 2016 and onwards – sharing of Patient Summaries, and ePrescription/eDispensation. These efforts may come to be funded by CEF funds, for which Members States can apply, however, the hot and interesting debate right now is how, and under what governance, organisational framework and dynamics, will future digital services be created.”

EXPAND work and outcomes will be openly debated in the project final event that will take place in Lisbon, Portugal from December 9 to 11, 2015. For more information, go to: www.expandproject.eu.

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Published on : Fri, 27 Nov 2015

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