eHealth Week will be eHealth Forum Next Year

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During the recently held eHealth Week in Dublin, the Greek Delegation announced its intention to organise the next High-level eHealth Conference and associated events under the Greek Presidency: In May 2014, Greece will welcome you to the eHealth Forum.

The introduction of the concept of "eHealth ecosystems" by the Irish Presidency presents a true challenge for the further development of meaningful partnerships engaging the entire range of health, wellbeing and social care stakeholders, comprising both the Private and the Public Sector and creating mutually beneficial collaborations between the industry, the academia and the informed end users.

Investing in eHealth

Greece strongly believes that many of the challenges faced today in Healthcare could be successfully dealt with by strongly committing and investing in the deployment of effective, innovative and sustainable eHealth solutions and the dissemination of good practices.

eHealth facilitates the values of equity and solidarity by enabling the access to high quality services and safer care for all, including numerous groups of citizens with chronic diseases and the elderly.  At the same time it serves as the backbone for necessary structural and functional reform and for addressing the issue of shortage of financial resources.

Investing in eHealth and wellbeing, both areas with high growth potential, through innovation and service re-design offers a major opportunity for efficient healthcare. Greece considers that ICT solutions and eHealth could lead to valuable, sustainable outcomes for the society, promote the wellbeing of the European Union citizens and build a solid base for the delivery of cross-border healthcare through interoperable services.

Strengthening partnerships

Two years after the European Commission launched the eHealth Action Plan 2012-2020, the eHealth Forum organizers hope that their event in 2014 will promote every aspect of the EU political eHealth Agenda and will support the Member States in strengthening partnerships, in safeguarding fundamental rights, in inspiring change, in delivering concrete solutions and in implementing services at regional, national and cross-border level by the large-scale deployment of new technologies.

The eHealth Forum 2014 brings together the High Level eHealth Conference and Exhibition, the eHealth Network Meeting and many more events, aspiring to become a true forum for the exchange of experience, mutual support, good practices and innovation. 

Meeting point

The eHealth Forum 2014 will serve as the meeting point for the six Actions Groups of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Aging (EIP on AHA). The Actions driven by them are of utmost importance to driving the innovation forward and will be the ‘ambassadors’ of the success of the first initiative of this kind, where stakeholders’ coalitions from all over Europe are delivering concrete solutions for Europe’s aging population.

The organizers plan to encourage the Member States to step up their efforts through partnerships, through sharing their progress on scaling up existing innovative initiatives and approaches to ICT enabled services, through engaging the regions that have success stories to share and through showing the first outlines of roadmaps and recommendations.


Greece believes that bringing the EIP on AHA activities, events and exhibitions will attract the interest of the industry and other stakeholders.

In this event industry has an important role as a partner, its uptake being an enabler of innovation. Hence, our joint effort with the European Connected Health Alliance towards delivering leadership for the development of Connected and mHealth markets and practice across Europe will be valuable.

Key players

The Greek organizers hope that their event will bring together the commercial, academic and healthcare stakeholders, the decision makers, the researchers, the government bodies, the health professionals, the citizens and all other key players into moving towards sustainable ecosystems, transform healthcare delivery, accelerate the adoption of connected health technology and provide networking for a result-producing symbiotic collaboration that can create business opportunities for economic development, especially for small and medium enterprises.

Greece also plans on delivering sessions on the significance of the EU-US Memorandum of understanding so as to discuss the perspectives of EU and US cooperation on eHealth.

Deep reform

Over the last 3 years, amidst financial crisis and recession, Greece became an example of how the need for deep reform under significant pressure can result to the deployment and application of eHealth solutions that bring considerable savings for the healthcare system and demonstrate the country’s determination to increase the quality of the provided services.

This is only the beginning of a substantial reform anchored on ICT enabled health services; Regardless of the recession, Greece aims at driving eHealth forward.

Therefore, the organizers are preparing to welcome important decision makers and they are committed to make the best of this opportunity. The Greek Presidency through the eHealth Forum will encourage the development of visionary policies and will look into maximizing health and economic benefits and the potential for employment through new technologies.

Published on : Mon, 27 May 2013

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EU, eHealth, Greece During the recently held eHealth Week in Dublin, the Greek Delegation announced its intention to organise the next High-level eHealth Conference and associ

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