2022 Best in KLAS Awards

2022 Best in KLAS Awards
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Global research firm KLAS (Salt Lake City, UT USA) recently released its ‘2022 Best in KLAS Awards.’ KLAS surveys healthcare consumers annually to probe the performance of software solutions and service firms. These interviews represent healthcare professional and clinician opinions from over 4,500 healthcare organisations, measuring than 1,000 healthcare technology products and services. In 2021, KLAS conducted 23,735 evaluations to gather information for the ‘Best in KLAS’ awards. Answers are compiled into a score on a 100-point scale, and providers are ranked.


For software products to be considered for an award, at least 15 unique organisations needed to provide input. Products were evaluated on customer experience, which included metrics on culture, loyalty, operations, product, relationship, and value. For consideration in the ‘Best in KLAS’ ranking, services required a sample size of at least six unique organisations. Services were ranked on loyalty, operations, services, relationship, and value.


Epic, Nordic, Galen Healthcare and The Chartis Group won the ‘2022 Overall Best in KLAS’ awards.


  • Epic was named the top ‘Overall Software Suite’ for the 12th straight year. Epic was also named the top ‘Overall Physician Practice Vendor’ and won nine other Best in KLAS awards in various market segments.
  • Nordic was recognised as the top ‘Overall IT Services Firm’, scoring above 90.0 in 6 different services segments, and won Best in KLAS for HIT Implementation Leadership (Large)’.
  • Galen Healthcare was named the top ‘Overall Implementation Services Firm (a new category). Galen also won Best in KLAS in ‘HIT Staffing’ and ‘Clinical Optimisation’ while excelling in ‘HIT Implementation Leadership (Small)’ and ‘Technical Services’.
  • The Chartis Group for the second year won the award for top ‘Overall Healthcare Management Consulting Firm’. Overall, the Chartis Group won four ‘Best in KLAS’ awards and achieved high customer satisfaction in several additional professional services areas.


Other notables included Infor ERP as ‘Most Improved Software Product’, which improved customer satisfaction 23% over the past year and saw improvement in relationships and engaging executives. Greenway Integrity Practice Management was named ‘Most Improved Physician Practice Product’ whose customers, consisting of midsized physician practices, reported higher satisfaction over the past year, particularly with the level of executive involvement. Sectra’s enterprise imaging suite won the 'Best in KLAS' award for customer satisfaction in the U.S., Canada, and Asia/Oceania.


President of KLAS Research, Adam Gale, commended the awardees. ‘Each year, thousands of healthcare professionals across the globe take the time to share their voice with KLAS. They know that sharing their perspective helps vendors to improve and helps their peers make better decisions. These conversations are a constant reminder to me of how necessary accurate, honest, and impartial reporting is in the healthcare industry. The Best in KLAS report and the awards it contains set the standard of excellence for software and services firms. Vendors who win the title of Best in KLAS should celebrate and remember that providers now accept only the best from their products and services. The Best in KLAS award serves as a signal to provider and payer organisations that they should expect excellence from the winning vendors.’


Source: KLAS

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Published on : Wed, 9 Feb 2022

Best in KLAS, EPIC, enterprise imaging, management consultancy, software tools Global research firm, KLAS, recently released its ‘2022 Best in KLAS Awards.'

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