Imaging Management, Volume 4 / Issue 4 / 2009


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Public Procurement of Innovation

Public Procurement of Innovation conference will take place in Stockholm, Sweden on 13 October 2009. The conference will discuss and illustrate Public Procurement of Innovations, PPI, within the Life Science sector. The aim is also to inform about the possibilities with PPI and show a more advantageous way to make use of public means. Due to the changes in population and the added strains these put on European health systems new technologies and solutions are needed.


Some of the required improvements are so technologically demanding that either no commercially stable solution exists yet on the market, or existing solutions exhibit shortcomings which require new R&D. By developing forward-looking procurement strategies that include R&D procurement to develop new solutions that address these challenges, the public sector can have a significant impact on the mid to long term efficiency and effectiveness of public services, as well as on the innovation performance and the competitiveness of European industry.


The purpose of the conference is to describe the situation in EU in comparison to the rest of the world, to explain the legal framework and highlight points for discussion, to share experiences with stakeholders on identified hurdles, needs and possibilities and to promote good examples, to illustrate how these can be used to meet the challenges mentioned above and at the same time improve competitiveness.


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Public Procurement ofInnovationPublic Procurement of Innovation conference will take place inStockholm, Sweden on 13 October 2009. The conference will disc

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