Imaging Management, Volume 5 / Issue 1 / 2010


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Siemens Licenses Healthvault in Germany

Siemens has announced that it will exclusively license Microsoft’s HealthVault in the German market.


The agreement between the two companies will allow German citizens to use of the personal application, HealthVault, which stores individual health information in an online account.


Storing information such as immunizations, disease history and prescriptions will enable patients to connect to various systems run by physicians, hospitals, pharmacies for a comprehensive view of their personal health information. Individuals also have the possibility of allowing access of this overall knowledge to their care providers and family members if they choose.


Germany is the third country worldwide and the first in Europe where HealthVault has been deployed. The application was deployed previously in the United States and Canada through a partnership with Telus.


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Siemens Licenses Healthvault in GermanySiemens has announced that it will exclusively license Microsoft’sHealthVault in the German market. The agreeme

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