HealthManagement, Volume 1 / Issue 3 Autumn 2006

Omnilab Selected by Abbott Diagnostics as Supplier for UK Healthcare IT Projects

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Omnilab has been selected by Abbott Diagnostics as the supplier in two large projects in the United Kingdom to provide LABONLINE, the middleware application to interface the preanalytical instruments and diagnostic analyzers to the Laboratory.


Information System. In the first project, a seven-year contract, LABONLINE will be installed in the Greater Glasgow Health Board community in seven labs with more than 8,000 daily examinations requests to be managed.


The second project is a five-year contract across two different Trusts: United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS (Lincoln Hospital, Grantham Hospital, Louth Hospital, Pilgrim Hospital) and Hospitals on the NLAG Network (Grimsby Hospital, Scunthorpe Hospital).


With these projects, Omnilab consolidates its presence on the international market (Germany, Holland, Denmark, Turkey, South Africa, UK, North Ireland).


Omnilab has been an Italian market leader in the provision of advanced solutions for automated management of clinical laboratories and transfusion centres since 1998. Omnilab develops and adapts data manager software and middleware for any system, whether pre-analytical, analytical or post-analytical. Omnilab boasts more than 350 installations with more than 3.500 analyzers connected worldwide.


Rising to the Challenges of eHealth Across Europe’s Regions - eHealth 2006 Conference Report

This report is meant to set the scene on some current issues in eHealth. It seeks to provide a working definition of eHealth and a broad overview of current EU level eHealth policy.


As such, the report provides a background to EU level eHealth policy spanning the early years of health telematics research and technological development, through the adoption of the eEurope Action Plan 2002 and eEurope Action Plan 2005, the adoption in 2004 of the Action Plan for a European eHealth Area and looking ahead to further eHealth policy developments within the context of the European Commission’s i2010: European Information Society initiative. Having outlined the broad EU policy, the report looks in more detail at some of the key targets of that policy – including delivering safe and efficient healthcare, the development of citizen empowerment and the use of eHealth tools and services to facilitate and support patient and professional mobility across the European Union.

The report moves on to consider some of the common themes in national and regional eHealth plans – concluding that three common themes exist:

• The use of eHealth tools and applications and services to address pressing contemporary health issues,

• The integration of key eHealth tools in everyday healthcare delivery, and

• The integration of key eHealth services into daily healthcare practice.


The report concludes by looking in more detail at the target of using eHealth tools and services to address the common European challenge of delivering high quality health services, and looks at some of the initiatives of using electronic patient records, decision support systems and integrated eHealth networks to overcome some of the cause of medical accidents and errors.


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Omnilab has been selected by Abbott Diagnostics as the supplier in two large projects in the United Kingdom to provide LABONLINE, the middleware applicati

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