Imaging Management, Volume 1 / Issue 1 Spring 2006

Inauguration of Healthcare IT Management

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the first issue of Healthcare IT Management, the official voice of the European Association of Healthcare IT Managers (EAHITM), a central, credible communications platform to its members and relevant stakeholders.


Healthcare systems in Europe are complex, both in terms of organisation and technologies. Nevertheless, the eEurope 2005 Action Plan sets out goals and targets of a European cooperation in the field of health ICT and several actions towards a competitive internal market are already being taken at a fast rate. This and many other reasons make it vitally important to unify the sector of healthcare IT users. EAHITM, the umbrella organisation for national healthcare IT manager associations across Europe, will take a leading role in this process. EAHITM believes there is an extensive need for modern and common standards, best practice solutions and crossborder collaboration within healthcare IT. Only a powerful official representation for healthcare IT managers will ensure the stable evolution of this sector.


The launch of Healthcare IT Management is a logical and vital step in this process. This bi-monthly official publication will bring you amongst other issues the latest developments within EAHITM and the European Institutions, technical trends and developments, best practice solutions, efficient management strategies, relevant to healthcare IT managers. Leading authorities from all over the world will find their target audience in this unrivalled publication.


In this inauguration issue we explore: the selection, implementation and new technologies of Electronic Health Records; the quality, safety and performance of European healthcare IT, and the first in a three-part series exploring the steps taken to design a high-performance telemedicine system. Our product comparison chart assesses different manufacturers’ cardiology image and information management systems. In addition to these and other topics, you will also regularly read about the EU institutions and how to lobby them. Finally, in our first Country Focus we will take an in-depth look into the UK healthcare IT sector.


Your support, your opinions and suggestions are important to us.


Please contact our Managing Editor, Karmin Ruocco, at [email protected] with your comments, thoughts and contributions.


Your support is vital and always well received!

Always yours

Christian Marolt

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DearReader,Welcome to the first issue of Healthcare IT Management,the official voice of the European Association of Healthcare IT Managers(EAHITM), a centr

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