HealthManagement, Volume 1 / Issue 3 Autumn 2006

HITM News&Membership Information

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Heading into the last quarter of 2006, membership in HITM continues to steadily grow. We have been busy over the past fewmonths, with the honour of meeting potential member associations and forging new relationships between HITM and other healthcare IT organisations throughout Europe. Our Executive Director, Christian Marolt, recently had the pleasure of representing HITM and delivering a speech on European developments affecting healthcare IT to the 10th anniversary congress of the German Association of Hospital IT Managers in Kassel, Germanywhich was held 20 - 21 September 2006.


We’ll be taking HITM ‘on the road’ over the next couple of months, where we will have a booth for the association at upcoming healthcare IT conferences in Europe. You may have met the HITM team at the [email protected] show, held 28 - 30 September in Fiera di Vicenza, Italy and will have an opportunity to do so again at the World of Health IT (where we will be an exhibitor), to be held 10 - 13 October in Geneva, Switzerland. If you plan on attending, we invite you to stop by and let us tell you more about the benefits of joining this unique association.


On the communications front, the HITM website ( is also growing in popularity, with a steady increase in traffic and requests for membership applications and subscriptions to Healthcare IT Management each month. If you haven’t visited our site yet, we encourage you to do so – it’s the best way to keep yourself informed of the most recent developments in HITM.


About the Association

HITM is a non-profit organisation outlined as the pan- European umbrella association of all relevant national healthcare IT associations in Europe. Believing in the fundamental importance of unifying healthcare IT professionals at European and global levels, HITM is committed to increasing the professional authority and responsibility of healthcare IT managers and representing their interests to international institutions and associations. With membership in HITM steadily growing, the first annual General Assembly is being planned for the end of 2006.


The Mission of HITM is:

+ To establish common healthcare IT standards, policies and strategies at EU and international levels,

+ To increase the visibility, importance and role of IT management in healthcare facilities,

+ To educate key policy makers, industry players and the general public of the benefits of healthcare I, and

+ to promote cross-collaboration of various healthcare sectors.

Full Members

Full members are comprised of national healthcare IT management associations, who can nominate one representative to the HITM Annual General Assembly. This representative will have the power to speak and vote on HITM priorities and organisational objectives, fundamental advocacy efforts, election of the Executive Members and the Board, and much more.

Associate Members

Associate members are representatives from healthcare organisations, who have the opportunity to speak, but not vote, at the HITM Annual General Assembly. Associate members will also have the privilege of electing one member to represent them in the Executive Members group.

Heading into the last quarter of 2006, membership in HITM continues to steadily grow. We have been busy over the past fewmonths, with the honour of meetin

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