Imaging Management, Volume 5 / Issue 1 / 2010

Health 2.0 Paris 2010

The Health 2.0 Conference is the leading showcase of online and mobile technologies in healthcare. After five successful conferences in the United States they are making their way to Europe.


The agenda will span the key elements of Health 2.0 and showcase how consumers and professionals can:

Ó Search for more appropriate health content;

Ó Share personal information in communities; and

Ó Use Tools to self-manage and enhance the patient-physician relationship.


You will gain unique insight into the following questions:

Ó How does specialized Search relate to Health 2.0? Is there life beyond Google in Europe?

Ó Are online patient communities different in Europe and across European countries?

Ó Have European doctors gone 2.0?

Ó Are personal health records being adopted by health care systems in Europe?

Ó How do European hospitals, payers and governments relate to Health 2.0?

Ó What opportunities exist for Pharma to play a bigger role in Health 2.0?


Health 2.0 Europe will will integrate the best of European health technologies, and compare, contrast and contextualise them with leading examples of Health

2.0 from North America:

Ó What works in the context of Europe’s evolving health care systems;

Ó Whether there are commonalities across European systems that can lead to economies of scale (or not!) and

Ó What the “boundary-less” online world means for consumers and physicians working in distinct health care systems.


There will also be a presentation of the latest thinking about Health 2.0 in the European context, special videos, an unconference session and the introduction of new companies at Health 2.0 Europe’s Launch.


Keynote speakers at the conference will include senior healthcare policy makers Etienne Caniard from the French National Authority for Health and Pieter Vos from the Dutch Council for Public Health and Health Care, who will discuss Health 2.0 from a government view point and how it fits in with national IT strategies.


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The Health 2.0 Conference is the leading showcase of online andmobile technologies in healthcare. After five successful conferences in theUnited States the

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