HealthManagement, IT Volume 3 / Issue 1

Florence,Clinical Information Integrated System and its Tool Florence Moblie

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Luis Barcia, 

Miguel Ortiz Garcia, 

Bernardo Vila Roig, 

Alfonso Perez Cervello

Torrevieja Salud


The Torrevieja Hospital pursues a high efficiency management of its recourses, as well as the maximum level of services offered to its patients. And here “Florence” plays the key role. Florence is a clinical information and management integrated system, it assures communication between managers, doctors and patients. Florence allows access to necessary information in real time and from any place, in order to be able to make right clinical and management decisions. Consequently this improves efficiency, facilitates and speeds up administrative and clinical processes, improves assistance quality, makes the recourses profitable, foresees different situations, reduce incidents and increase user satisfaction.


For our doctors, the most useful and innovative tool is definitely “Florence Mobile”. It allows accessing the EMR in real time by means of mobile phone. Thanks to Florence Mobile, they can see laboratory and radiology test results, receive and respond to the referrals of other doctors and work on the EMR of hospitalised patients from any place with no need of a PC. Florence Mobile allows receiving alerts by SMS about results of urgent tests when they are available in the EMR; also it offers an access to work lists of emergency departments, hospitalisation, etc.


The monitoring of use of Florence Mobile has confirmed that “benefits” are mainly focussed on speeding up the work of doctors by offering them important clinical information at any moment and place using mobile phones.


Author<br> Luis Barcia,&nbsp; Miguel Ortiz Garcia,&nbsp; Bernardo Vila Roig,&nbsp; Alfonso Perez Cervello Torrevieja Salud,&nbsp; Spain,Microsoft <br>

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