• Launch of Straumann Falcon ‒ a navigation system for dental implant procedures
  • First launch of Smilecloud in Europe, a smile design and collaboration platform
  • ClearCorrect to launch its first mobile app and collaboration tools to support the treatment of more complex cases


Straumann Group to launch a series of new solutions along the patient journey at the largest international dental show in Cologne. Launches include Straumann digital solutions for implantology and new features from the Group’s orthodontic brand ClearCorrect.


Guillaume Daniellot, Chief Executive Officer, said: “On our way to become a digitally powered oral care company, we are constantly investing in our digital solutions to improve the customer experience for both clinicians and patients. The aim is to increase practice productivity as well as efficiency and improve treatment outcomes for the benefit of patients, dentists, specialists and technicians.”


Digital Innovation Along the Treatment Journey


Straumann introduces a new software solution for its Virtuo Vivo intraoral scanner (IOS) which will improve the speed and accuracy of digital impression-taking. The intraoral scans are the entry point for digital workflows and will be automatically connected to the “Straumann AXS” platform and various services. This will support a seamless integration between the different solutions, eliminating the need for entering patient data manually in different systems along the treatment journey. In the future, the platform will unite services and solutions spanning from first patient engagement to diagnosis during pre-treatment to planning, treatment and monitoring in the post-treatment phase.


Smilecloud launch in Europe


Following the recently established partnership with Smilecloud, Straumann launches its smile design and centralized collaboration platform developed by dentists for dental professionals in selected European markets. Smilecloud allows clinicians to design virtual mock-up smiles for patients supported by AI technology and 3D biometric libraries to achieve the best possible outcome for patients.  Smilecloud will enable collaboration among dental professionals and will allow them to improve interaction with patients by discussing their future smile design. In the future, Smilecloud will be made available to Straumann customers through the Group’s “Straumann AXS” digital platform. 


Straumann Falcon dynamic navigation system launch in selected countries in Europe


Today, Straumann launches its first surgical dynamic navigation system to perform implant treatments in a fully digital workflow. Straumann Falcon is a computer-assisted system that surgeons use to navigate their instruments during dental procedures. Enabling visualization of the precise instrument location in the surgical field, it helps to avoid critical anatomical structures and supports precise implant positioning according to the treatment. It is a technology that allows surgeons to use free-hand techniques together with 3D visualization of the instruments in real-time, using CBCT and IOS scans for planning. Straumann Falcon is developed to assist predictable results and provide much more flexibility to adapt to the clinical situation during surgery. Based on a system with proven implant bed preparation accuracy and the capability to assess the surgical environment in 3D, it is designed to improve clinician confidence.  This can potentially lead to fewer complications and improved patient outcomes.


ClearCorrect to launch its first mobile app and enhance treatment planning through collaboration software


Today, ClearCorrect launches an array of new innovations to help doctors treat more complex cases with new clinical features, an improved digital workflow, added support, and external treatment planning optimization services. Included in the launch are improvements to ClearCorrect’s aligner via an enhanced end-to-end workflow that allows doctors to efficiently treat patients who have missing or erupting teeth with pontics, bars, and guides. In addition to improving the aligner itself, ClearCorrect is launching a series of improvements to their digital workflow, including an enhanced, dynamic prescription form that will guide doctors toward optimal treatment protocols, while offering advanced customization options. Alongside the new prescription form ClearCorrect has launched the ClearCorrect Sync mobile app, allowing doctors to quickly setup patient profiles to create new cases, take quality photos using guided templates, edit photos using intuitive tools, and the ability to upload patient data and photos directly to the Doctor Portal. For submitting intraoral scans, enhancements have been made to optimize two IOS integrations, including optimizations to the connectivity with 3Shape TRIOS, and Virtuo Vivo. For treatment planning support, the Collaborator Suite has been updated to enable doctors to order treatment planning optimization services (TPS) directly from ClearCorrect global TPS partners. The final update to the digital workflow includes the launch of ClearPilot 6.0. This release introduces a series of upgrades designed to give providers a more intuitive and user-friendly treatment planning experience.


Source: Straumann Group

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