Healthcare content management system manages all digital and paper documents for hospital or regional network 
  • Faster access to documents from any workstation in the hospital increases efficiency.
  • Documents are indexed, easily and intuitively searchable.
  • Reduction or even elimination of paper documentation reduces associated costs.

Agfa HealthCare announces that it has deployed its HYDMedia solution in multiple healthcare facilities in France, offering an integrated management tool for all documents, whether digital or paper. Enhanced speed of access to the documents offers healthcare enterprises increased efficiency, while moving towards a paperless environment considerably reduces associated costs.
Fast, simultaneous access to information
HYDMedia is more than simply an electronic document management (EDM) system; it's an integrated enterprise content management (ECM) solution. All documents, being clinical, administrative or financial - whether produced by the hospital's IT systems or digitised- is fed into HYDMedia via standard processes and interfaces, during the clinical workflow.
The information is then automatically indexed to allow quick and intuitive searching, for example by tree structure, by keywords or specific views like per case, activity or document type. The authorised users have access at any time to all information generated in the facility: medical, administrative and financial records. Access rights and traceability of actions provide security and control over sensitive data.
With HYDMedia, documents can be shared quickly and securely, without duplicating the original. In a way, "HYDMedia is to the hospital what Google(TM) is to the Internet": a way to quickly and efficiently search for information.
A single 'digital health record' from anywhere in the hospital
In France, HYDMedia has already been installed in several healthcare facilities, including Centre Hospitalier Alès-Cévennes, Centre Hospitalier Emile Durkheim in Epinal, Centre Hospitalier Mémorial France-Etats-Unis in Saint Lô - Coutances and Centre Hospitalier Jean Rougier in Cahors. These hospitals and their partners (like external laboratories) generate a significant amount of heterogeneous information. With HYDMedia, users at these hospitals can now access archived patient documents from any workstation in the hospital via a single 'digital health record', enhancing productivity.
By significantly - or even completely - eliminating paper, HYDMedia also makes it possible for the hospitals to reduce the costs associated with the use of paper - i.e. for printing, copying, transportation and storage.
HYDMedia supports each hospital to carry out a digitisation strategy that is based on the maturity of its own organisation and the heterogeneity of its existing IT infrastructure. It is independent of the technical platform and Health IT systems in use, thanks to HYDMedia's standard interfaces.
Proven in the field
As innovative and proven solution, already adopted by more than 400 healthcare sites in the world, HYDMedia covers the needs of interhospital, regional and even national projects. At the 13th annual IHE-Europe Connectathon 2013, Agfa HealthCare received validation of its IHE-XDS profiles, a reference for the integration of not only documents, but also images.
"As hospitals increasingly go 'paperless', document sharing and collaboration between different enterprises will grow. With HYDMedia, Agfa HealthCare is helping to meet the new needs." says Lan Guichot, Director Marketing, Communications and Business Development, Agfa HealthCare France.

Source: AGFA 

21 February 2014

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