Medical education is evolving and is no longer restricted to on-campus learning. With the use of modern technology, learners can now access educational material at any time and from anywhere in the world with internet access.

The ecancer Post Graduate School of Surgery Surgical Oncology Modules (ePOSSOM) has recently launched a series of innovative educational modules especially designed for post-graduate surgical trainees looking to extend their knowledge on pancreatic cancer.

The endeavour has been developed jointly ye ecancer and the Severn Postgraduate School of Surgery. A total of ten core trainees and specialty trainees have worked together to design and develop five educational modules on Pancreatic Cancer.

ecancer is a leading oncology channel that is committed to improving communication and education about cancer in order to optimise patient care and outcomes. The portal uses latest technologies and provides medical information that has been contributed by leading figures in oncology. The e-learning courses provided by ecancer are absolutely free for the oncology community. The courses cover a variety of topics and require nothing but a simple registration.

The Severn Postgraduate School of Surgery manages the education of surgical trainees from the beginning of core training until their specialist training is completed. The school works closely with twelve other Severn Deanery Postgraduate Schools. Collectively, Severn Deanery manages 56 medical and surgical specialties.

The content for the new ePOSSOM project was developed by Katrina Butcher and her surgical trainees. The material has been developed with the intention of providing key information to healthcare professionals and other surgical trainees.

The modules have been designed as per the standards set by UK ISCP (Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum Programme) and effort has been made to ensure that the content is concise and up-to-date. Experts from across the UK have provided material and have also peer-reviewed the modules to ensure that the information is of the highest scientific quality and poised on the frontier of pancreatic cancer knowledge.

A variety of learning techniques have been used for this e-learning venture. This includes surgical videos, case examples, quizzes and games. The modules incorporate graphs and interviews as well as a component of assessment. The goal is to provide top-quality information in a unique and flexible educational environment.

According to Miss Butcher, “ePOSSOM creates innovative e-learning material for audiences across the world, allowing each learner access to complex evidence-based medicine, wherever their learning environment allows them. These modules provide a unique learning experience in a subject not tackled before in this way."

Source: Science Daily

Image Credit: Severn Postgraduate School of Surgery

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