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For the first ten of our expansive 34 year history at Ampronix, we were an electronic equipment repair company. Today, we have expanded to become a service, manufacturing, and distributing trifecta with the mission of providing superior, customized care solutions at a nominal price so healthcare providers can focus on what really matters—improving patient outcomes. Due to our humble beginning as a dependable and cost efficient repair service, it will always be our duty to continue providing such services.

Unsurprisingly, the service department is regarded as the brains behind the operation. The expertise provided by them assure the distribution team that new units are quality whereas the sales and customer service representatives (CSRs) depend on them to counsel their clients in the face of technical difficulty.

Ampronix's Service and Repair Our service department is comprised of two harmonious sectors; quality control and technicians. The technicians are tasked with fixing damaged equipment and offering refurbished options when necessary, while quality control is responsible for monitoring repair work, testing the repaired units, warranty claims and providing guidance to CSRs, sales, and distribution.

 Since acquiring Perkins at the beginning of the year, our team has learned a lot about upgrading firmware and of ways to fix MDVDRs. Although a majority of products repaired are a range of monitors from CRTs to LCD surgical displays, the team is experienced in fixing a wide swath of medical imaging peripherals including Philips Intellivue patient monitors, a variety of cameras and an assortment of converters.

 “We’re the brains to the company because we have to coordinate with every department here to make sure the perfect product is being delivered to the client,”

Albert Maldonado, Service Assistant Manager

 With an average tenure of 18 years and over 34 years of electronic engineering experience, our service department and staff have extensive knowledge in troubleshooting with clients, upgrade modification, repair, and refurbish. Since Ampronix distributes for Barco, Phillips, and Sony, among others, our technicians receive specialized training to become factory certified.

Beyond that, our team is ESD certified and ASQ certified. Regardless of the brands we carry, our technicians are skilled to repair units from any manufacturer. Even without schematics and/or service manuals for a product, they can figure it out.

We also provide refurbished units for sale. Through refurbishing products, we have access to a host of products ranging from early CRTs to innovative Ultra High Definition (UHD) products. If a repair necessitates a seemingly obscure part dating all the way back to the early 1980s, chances are that our warehouse, stocked with over 14,500 products, will have the necessary component.

While opting for repair services will save clients up to 50 percent, purchasing a refurbished or new unit will save on time. If the product is in stock, clients have the choice of exchanging their damaged product for a new version of the same one they currently own.

In fact, the service department is filled with shelves filled with repaired units meticulously organized to dodge any avoidable impediments. With 24 to 72 hour turn around service, the systematic way in which the service center is arranged ensures that products are repaired and shipped on time.

The Repair Process

Once a repair is received at Ampronix, distribution hands it off to the service center. After an evaluation, the technician alerts the CSR of all issues found, to maintain constant communication with the client. Under the scope of quality control, the technician fixes the damaged part. If an unrelated part looks to be damaged, the client will be informed of the opportunity to improve the unit.

Upon completion of the repair, the newly mended product is put through a series of tests by quality control so they can be confident in the repair put forth. If the product passes, it is burned, or kept on, for 24 hours. In special cases, the units are put in a heat room for several hours, where the process of being on for weeks is mimicked over the course of a few hours. Tests may also be implemented in the dark room as well. Our ISO 14644 certified clean room is vacuum-sealed to guarantee that no debris or dust can get trapped under various displays that we repair.

“We just implemented the 5S methodology to minimize lag among processes,” said Service Manager, Duarte Franca. “Since so many healthcare providers depend on us, we find it extremely salient to foster an environment of continuous improvement.” 

Published on : Mon, 16 May 2016

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Ampronix, Service, Repair, Healthcare, patient, CSRs, Patient monitore, Barco, Philips For the first ten of our expansive 34 year history at Ampronix, we were an electronic equipment repair company. Today, we have expanded to become a service, manufacturing, and distributing trifecta with the mission of providing superior, customized care s

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