RSNA 2013: Aixplorer Expert Edition to be Launched

RSNA 2013: Aixplorer Expert Edition to be Launched
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Ultrasound system that pioneered ShearWave Elastography extends to a full portfolio of applications evolving into the system of choice in radiology.

SuperSonic Imagine, the highly innovative medical imaging company, will launch the newest version of its Aixplorer ultrasound system, the Expert Edition, at this year’s RSNA. Featuring Aixplorer’s renowned and stellar image quality, Aixplorer Expert Edition offers expanded applications which make it a full spectrum diagnostic ultrasound system devised for all of the radiologists’ needs.

Aixplorer has seen major developments following its initial market introduction as a dedicated breast ultrasound system in 2009, with  clinical applications and technology constantly being added by SuperSonic Imagine. Today Aixplorer provides users with a full spectrum, single diagnostic ultrasound system, which makes it the system of choice in radiology. This model has been designed for physicians who work daily with ultrasound and who possess an understanding how to leverage this powerful, highly progressive imaging tool for diagnostic purposes across a large spectrum of applications such as 3D breast, breast, thyroid, abdomen, liver, prostate, MSK, small parts, vascular, OB/GYN, and pediatrics among others.

The most recent supplement to the Aixplorer Expert Edition is an obstetrics and gynaecology application which that unites impeccable image quality and preset optimisation to follow every stage of pregnancy. Users can benefit from the model’s wide-ranging exam documentation and fully customisable reporting solution and OB/GYN DICOM Structured Reporting along with crystal clear visualisation from the developmental stages of embryo to full-term fetus.

Jacques Souquet, CEO SuperSonic Imagine, stated the company was most pleased to provide radiologists with the Aixplorer Expert Edition’s highly advanced technology, its easy of use, and the full section of applications it brings, raising it to the system of choice in all radiology departments. He also emphasised that it will allow radiologists and their patients to benefit from everyday clinical diagnostic advantages which have been validated in over 50 major clinical publications.

At the heart of healthcare’s most advanced ultrasound system is its UltraFast Imaging platform. This is currently the most sophisticated and speediest architecture on the market which acquires information 200 times faster than any other ultrasound system. The extreme velocity enables the company’s ShearWave Elastography scanning, the only real-time ultrasound imaging mode cleared by the FDA to measure and simultaneously display tissue stiffness in kilopascal, as well as UltraFast Doppler which speeds examination times and stands alone in its capabilities.

ShearWave Elastography (SWE™) is a non-invasive technique used by radiologists worldwide to visualise and quantitatively measure tissue stiffness across several organs in kilopascals. Assessing tissue stiffness is important, as stiffer tissue is more likely to be malignant. Furthermore SWE enhances the specificity of ultrasound alone, assisting physicians in their diagnostic and treatment process, to guide biopsies and monitory therapy.

Having proven itself clinically across multiple applications beyond breast, SWE has had a clear economic impact and has lead to a major change in patient management. Dr. James Trotter, MD of Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas explained that SWE was conducted in a manner identical to ultrasonography, making it a very comfortable and simple (less than 2 minutes) exam for the patient. He went on to say that it gives qualitative and quantitative ways to evaluate the degree of chronic liver injury our Hepatitis C patients and that it was used on a routine basis in the treatment determination process, allowing doctors to reduce the number of biopsies by roughly 50%.

Aixplorer Expert Edition’s UltraFast Doppler is the most comprehensive Doppler available offering color frame rates up to 200 Hz and full spectral Doppler quantification, including peak velocity, instantaneously. This reduces the process of exams to seconds, with no need for compromise between frame rate and color box size, and saves time in everyday Doppler procedures making it ideal for renal transplants and pediatrics.

Source: BusinessWire

26 November 2013

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Published on : Thu, 28 Nov 2013

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