ISUOG 2014: Samsung Medison Unveils Premium US for Women’s Health

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Presenting new, redefining premium features in Women’s Health with clinical values
Samsung Medison, a global leader in manufacturing medical devices, has released the latest version of its premium ultrasound system ‘WS80A with Elite’, equipped with advanced diagnostic features and superior image performance based on the WS80A platform. This was announced at the 24th World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology, held at the Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona in Spain from September 14 to 17. The WS80A with Elite is designed to provide superior image and exceptional productivity in workflow through highly useful features for Women’s Health. Samsung is also presenting numerous academic researches during the congress to evaluate the clinical values of various features in WS80A with Elite.

The WS80A with Elite now offers higher image qualities and extended 5D features. Its key enhancements include:

Superb Image Quality

  • S-Vue Transducer — Delivers broader bandwidth and higher sensitivity in order to obtain more in-depth, higher image quality. Even patients with technically challenging cases can easily get scans with superb resolution.
  • Provides enhanced color sensitivity in 3D and Doppler images.
  • 23” Wide LED Screen — Offers better color representation and enhanced vision of ultrasound images for users.

Higher Efficiency and Diagnostic Confidence

  • 5D Heart — Semi-automatically obtains nine essential cardiac diagnostic planes to enable more intuitive, in-depth and accurate fetal screening based on STIC (Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation) data.
  • 5D CNS (Central Nervous System) — Simplifies workflow and reduces scan time by extracting six biometric measurements from three transverse planes of a fetal brain as key indicators for quick fetal brain diagnosis.
  • Allows Shared Service for Cardio Vascular, and Radiology. (Pediatric, Vascular and etc.)

Samsung Medison is hosting a number of academic sessions including the Satellite Symposium and Hospitality Suite in order to discuss clinical values of WS80A with Elite with world-renowned medical professionals in Women’s Health.

Dr. Ja Young Kwon of Yonsei University’s Severance Hospital will present the synergy of ultrasound diagnosis that can be created from applying Samsung’s 5D features to a fetal brain and long bone screening, while Dr. Alexander Weichert at the Charité Hospital (Department of Obstetrics of Universitätsmedizin Berlin) will explain the clinical usefulness of auto measurements of a fetal brain through 5D CNS. Dr. Edwin Quarello at St. Joseph Hospital in Marseille will discuss morphological assessment in the beginning stage of pregnancy through ultrasound, with more seminars on OB/GYN researches to be held during the congress.

“We are proud to announce the WS80A with Elite and introduce the enhanced features that will reshape the premium market segment of ultrasound diagnosis in Women’s Health at the 24th World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology,” said Soo-in Cho, CEO of Samsung Medison. “Samsung will continue to step up its effort to develop innovative medical devices and technologies while enhancing collaborations with professionals in the hope of providing easy, fast and accurate diagnosis as well as acquiring significant clinical values.”

Source: Samsung Medison

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Published on : Tue, 16 Sep 2014

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