Is that Scan (Song) Really Necessary?

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As the concept of “Choosing Wisely” travels the world (USA, Australia, Canada, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK), one Canadian professor of pharmacy, James McCormack, has created medical parodies in song to spread the Choosing Wisely message (and other topics that are well worth a viewing). While the evidence that you retain 20% of what you see and hear is apparently a myth, at we think you will enjoy these nevertheless.

We give you:

Like a Bridge Over Diagnosis - a parody of Bridge Over Troubled Water
On the issue of overdiagnosis and incidentalomas.

and Choosing Wisely

As one commenter says, “All GP surgeries and hospital outpatient waiting rooms should show this video on a continuous loop.”

Not to be outdone, radiologic technology students from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology have performed “All about the Rays” to the tune of "All about the bass". Enjoy the work of these creative Canadians.

All About the Rays

Published on : Tue, 28 Jul 2015

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youtube, videos, parodies, imaging, overdiagnosis, choosing wisely 3 videos that are parodies of popular songs, about choosing wisely, overdiagnosis and x-rays.

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