Global Market for Mammography Equipment to Reach US$610 million by 2018

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The global market for Mammography Equipment is projected to reach US$610 million by 2018, driven by rising breast cancer awareness, implementation of breast cancer screening programmes worldwide and continued conversion from analogue to digital mammography equipment. The projection is included in the recent report "Global Industry Analysts has just released a report on Mammography Equipment markets" from Global Industry Analysts.
Mammography remains the gold standard technique in breast cancer screening worldwide, driven by a combination of factors such as cost, time taken for the procedure, required expertise to carry out the procedure and the test’s sensitivity and specificity rates.

The global mammography equipment market is transitioning towards digital mammography from conventional screen-film mammography technology. The trend is promoting demand for full-field digital mammography (FFDM), although digital radiography (DR) and computer radiography (CR) continue to be popular digital technologies in some markets. Continuing technological advances and favourable reimbursement programmes in certain countries are expected to drive demand for FFDM systems worldwide. With the introduction of new 3D mammography compatible devices, several facilities are replacing their existing devices with new 3D upgradable FFDM devices that will allow them to eventually convert to 3D. CR remains popular in markets such as South America, where the market for DR is yet to make a mark due to higher prices of these devices. On the other hand, countries such as India are witnessing increasing prominence of DR.

Continuous improvements in performance are playing instrumental roles in enhancing the adoption and utility of digital mammography equipment. Advancements in the area of digital technologies have allowed users to minimise radiation dosage without affecting image quality. Other advancements include hybrid imaging with CT and Mammography, which helps in creating improved structural and anatomical images for superior image analysis. However, the development of 3D mammography or breast tomosynthesis remains the biggest innovation in the area of mammography over the recent years. The technology allows creating images at different planes and angles providing better images of the breast tissue.

The first 3D mammography system was launched in Europe in 2008, while the technology made an entry into the US in 2011. 3D mammography is yet to witness rapid growth in adoption and is constrained by the lack of reimbursement in major markets such as the US and support from large-scale studies. However, with reimbursement for 3D mammography procedures in the US expected to be established in the near-term and positive results from preliminary data from OSLO studies, demand for 3D mammography systems is expected to surge in coming years. In the US, the 3D mammography technology has initiated a new replacement cycle in the mammography equipment market.

Europe represents the largest market worldwide. Sluggish implementation of screening programmes, economic factors and budgetary constraints have held back growth in the digital mammography market in the region. Asia-Pacific is forecast to emerge as the fastest-growing market with dollar sales projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10% over the analysis period. Digital mammography is a relatively new technology in Asia. Efforts from non-government organisations and governments in various Asian countries to promote breast health screening and cancer awareness programmes are creating considerable demand for quicker and better mammography services. The trend is expected to create significant demand for mammography equipment in the future.

Published on : Thu, 18 Jul 2013

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Mammography, Markets The global market for Mammography Equipment is projected to reach US$610 million by 2018, driven by rising breast cancer awareness, implementation of breas

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