The hugely popular ECR Escape Rooms will go on tour this autumn at two national congresses. Both the Journées Francophones de Radiologie (JFR) 2023 and the Romanian Congress of Radiology and Imaging (SRIM) 2023 will host the Escape Rooms, which will feature a series of complex radiological cases for teams to solve.

The Escape Rooms will once again be run by the Young Radiologists organisation from Charité in Berlin. Teams taking part in the challenge act as first-year radiology residents on their first night shift when the trauma team brings in a young patient in a car accident. They must complete the diagnoses within the time frame so that the surgical team knows what to do in the operating room.

“The Escape Rooms were one of our most popular interactive highlights at ECR 2022 and 2023”, said ESR Chair of the Board of Directors Prof. Regina Beets-Tan. “Given their success, together with the Young Radiologists, we wanted to find a way to offer this great congress activity at other meetings. Our partnerships in this endeavour with the French Society of Radiology (SFR) and Romanian Society of Medical Imaging (SRIM) are a perfect example of collaboration between radiology societies, and of course, offer the opportunity for collaboration for attendees themselves in the form of team building, as they take part in the exciting Escape Rooms.”



“The French Society of Radiology is delighted to announce its new partnership with the ESR,” stated Prof. Marie-France Bellin, President of SFR and Prof. Alain Luciani, General Secretary of SFR. “The ESR Escape Room will be hosted for the first time in France during the next JFR in Paris.

SFR is taking a keen interest in simulation models and the ECR Escape game fits in with new learning methods that confront participants with situations from their professional practice.
We are delighted to be able to offer young French radiologists the opportunity to test themselves on a scenario based on their future professional lives and we hope that the collaboration between young radiologists from ESR and SFR Junior will boost future international collaborations.”

“We’re delighted to be hosting the Escape Rooms at this year’s Romanian Congress of Radiology and Imaging,” stated Prof. Ioana Gheonea, President of the SRIM. “The opportunity for interactive learning is what makes congresses so special, and the Escape Rooms provide a great chance for our attendees to engage in our field in a unique and fun way. Escape the room but don't escape Radiology and Imaging.”

The Journées Francophones de Radiologie will take place on October 13-16 in Paris.

The Romanian Congress of Radiology and Imaging will take place on September 21-24 in Craiova.


Image & Source Credit: ESR

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