Audit Made Easy with Launch of ESR Basic Patient Safety Standards, Templates

Clinical Audit spelled out
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The European Society of Radiology (ESR) today announced the launch of the Basic Patient Safety Standards and the ESR Audit Tool.

The Standards and Audit Tool provide guidance on how to perform effective audit against the 18 Patient Safety Standards that the ESR considers represent essential good practice in any imaging service. The standards cover all aspects of patient safety, but particularly focus on radiation protection of the patient and will ensure that radiology departments comply with the audit requirement of the Euratom Directive. In addition, the ESR Audit and Standards Subcommittee has produced a set of templates which will help radiologists and radiographers to assess their compliance with each of the standards.

The Clinical Audit Tool is designed to improve the quality of patient care, experience and outcome through formal review of systems, pathways and outcome of care against defined standards, and the implementation of change based on the results.

Lluís Donoso, ESR President, said: “Clinical audit is now required under the Euratom Directive and is therefore mandatory. The ESR Audit Tool will aid departments in carrying out audit, thereby implementing the directive, and assuring the protection of their patients.”

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The ESR will follow this initial publication with further standards and supporting templates. These standards will aim to address the following questions:

  • Is your service safe?
  • Is your service responsive?
  • Is your service caring?
  • Is your service effective?
  • Is your service well led?

E. Jane Adam, Chair of the ESR Quality, Safety and Standards Committee, said: “Clinical audit is an essential process to assure and improve safety and quality in an imaging service. The ESR Audit Tool will be incredibly valuable to all imaging departments, particularly those that are in the early stages of developing an audit programme.”

The Audit Tool is available on the myESR website for free, and can be downloaded as a complete file or as separate individual audits.

Source: European Society of Radiology
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Published on : Mon, 8 Feb 2016

Clinical audit, Radiology, Safety, Radiation protection The European Society of Radiology (ESR) today announced the launch of the Basic Patient Safety Standards and the ESR Audit Tool

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