8 Simple Strategies for Charismatic Leaders

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We all know charisma when we see it, but when it comes to leadership, is charisma the result of natural ability or training? When contact with referring clinicians and patients is limited, communicating with influence counts, beyond just being available. In a recent article in JACR, the Journal of the American College of Radiology, Anika McGrath, MD and Puneet Bhargava, MD, from the Department of Radiology, University of Washington School of Medicine, argue that radiologists can learn to be charismatic, with 8 simple strategies, adapted from the book by Olivia Fox Cabane, The Charisma Myth:

1. Be Present - don’t let your mind wander.

2. Be Powerful - Project confidence. “As radiologists, we are physicians and should present ourselves accordingly. “

3. Be Warm - “Warmth is a feature that radiates from within, and one must nurture positivity and graciousness throughout the workday.”

4. Be Authentic - “Given the inherent uncertainty we confront in the practice of radiology, we must overcome self-doubt and maintain the ability to provide value in the face of nondiagnostic studies or even misdiagnoses.”

5. Listen With Charisma - “To seem more purposeful, include a deliberate 2-second pause before answering questions.”

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6. Speak With Charisma - “Speak with a vocabulary that is understood by everyone in the room.”

7. Lecture With Charisma - less text, more movement help.

8. Make a Good First Impression
- starting with a good handshake.

9. Keep Your Cool in Difficult Situations - body language and where you sit in a discussion can help here.

10. Have Netiquette - be conscious of how you appear on the phone and in emails.

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The authors say: “Taking the time to think about some subtle modifications in our behavior and interactions can transform how our peers perceive us as radiologists. Try out some of these ideas; the results may pleasantly surprise you!"

Claire Pillar
Managing Editor, HealthManagement.org

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McGrath AL, Bhargava P (2015) The charismatic radiologist. J Am Coll Radiol, 12(11):1234-6. doi: 10.1016/j.jacr.2015.03.003. 

Published on : Wed, 6 Jan 2016

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charisma, leadership 8 simple strategies for leaders to become charismatic, summarised from article in JACR by Anika McGrath, MD and Puneet Bhargava, MD, from the Department of Radiology, University of Washington School of Medicine

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