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The European Congress for Radiology 2017 is soon to kick off in Vienna, Austria. Bringing together over 69,000 attendees from across the globe, sessions at ECR will cover industry best practice topics and be presented by leading experts and professionals in the field. Just to help you out a little, HealthManagement.org has recommended 8 unmissable ones this year…

PIER Session 1: Improving Efficiency in Radiology Departments

When? Friday, March 3rd, 10:30–12:00
Where? Room M 2

Moderators: J.A. Brink; Boston, MA/US S. Morozov; Moscow/RU

Offering a great experience for experts and newcomers alike, this session will cover valuable topics including optimising radiology with big data and tips on implementing system changes. Get the most out of topics such as:

  • How to identify radiology productivity bottlenecks? (S. Morozov; Moscow/RU)
  • How to optimise radiology with big data: Medical Analytics Group (MAG) project (O.S. Pianykh; Newton Highlands, MA/US)
  • How to implement system changes? (G. Paulo; Coimbra/PT)
  • Making the business case for patient-centred imaging care (M.H. Maurer; Berne/CH)

PIER Session 2: Perspectives on Radiology Equipment Management

When? Friday, March 3rd, 14:00–15:30
Where? Room M 2

Moderators: B. Brkljačić; Zagreb/HR

Head over to Session 2 on March 3rd for an engaging experience and an insight into radiology equipment. Speakers will enlighten you with their perspectives on key topics including:

  • Renewal of equipment and procurement: central vs local procedures (B. Brkljačić; Zagreb/HR)
  • Utilisation of equipment: what is appropriate? The public healthcare system’s perspective (P. Leander; Malm./SE)
  • Utilisation of equipment: what is appropriate? The private healthcare system’s perspective (A. Palk.; Szeged/HU)
  • Radiology: a cost factor? The hospital manager’s perspective (P. Garel; Brussels/BE)

PIER Session 3: Tailoring radiology departments towards patients’ needs

When? Friday, March 3rd, 16:00–17:30
Where? Room M 2

Moderators: C.D. Becker; Geneva/CH H. Hricak; New York, NY/US

This session will challenge the costs and quality in outsourcing radiology and dive deep into the value of radiologists in Europe, US and Canada. The themes discussed in this session include:

  • Visibility of radiology (N.H. Strickland; London/UK)
  • Outsourcing in radiology: costs and quality matters (A. Giovagnoni; Ancona/IT)
  • Demonstrating the added value of the radiologist: The European approach (P.M.A. van Ooijen; Groningen/NL)
  • Demonstrating the added value of the radiologist: the US/Canadian approach (G. McGinty; New York, NY/US)

Attendees will also have the opportunity to visit the EuroSafe Imaging café and take part in sessions, too. The café has been introduced for the first time at ECR this year, giving people the chance to network and communicate while snacking and having a drink.

Once you’ve had a bite, head over to the EuroSafe sessions which will endorse radiation protection as well as quality and safety in medical imaging. These must-attend sessions include:

EuroSafe Imaging Session 1

Clinical diagnostic reference levels
When? Wednesday, March 1st, 16:00-17:30
Where? Room M1

Moderators: G. Frija; Paris/FR; G. Simeonov; Luxembourg/LU

  • Introduction (G. Frija; Paris/FR)
  • Clinical diagnostic reference levels: from concept to impact in clinical practice (R.W.R. Loose; Nürnberg/DE)
  • ICRP perspective: from methodological region-related DRLs to DRLs based on clinical indications (E. Vaño; Madrid/ES)
  • EuroSafe Imaging clinical DRLs: detailed results of the pilot survey and lessons learnt for the survey among the EuroSafe Imaging Stars (P. Vock; Spiegel/CH)
  • North American DRLs: a view from across the pond (R.L. Morin; Jacksonville, FL/US)
  • Panel and public discussion

EuroSafe Imaging Session 2

Focus on appropriate image quality: what we have to know
When? Thursday, March 2nd, 10:30-12:00
Where? Room X

Moderators: W. Stiller; Heidelberg/DE; J. Damilakis; Iraklion/GR

EuroSafe Imaging on “appropriate image quality”: Introduction (S.T. Schindera; Aarau/CH)
Metrics and methods for quantitative image quality determination: a physicist’s
perspective (C. Hoeschen; Magdeburg/DE)
Balancing diagnostic image quality and radiation exposure in clinical routine: a radiologist’s perspective (H. Geijer; Örebro/SE)
Image quality assessment via model observers: connecting objective and subjective
perspectives (F.R. Verdun; Lausanne/CH)
Implementing a review process on image quality: experiences from a EuroSafe Imaging Star (F. Deferme; Antwerp/BE)

EuroSafe Imaging Session 3

European Alliance for Medical Radiation Protection Research (EURAMED)
When? Thursday, March 2nd, 16:00-17:30
Where? Room L8

  • Introduction of EURAMED (C. Hoeschen; Magdeburg/DE)
  • Cardiovascular effects of radiotherapy in breast cancer patients: potential mechanisms (W. Dörr; Vienna/AT)
  • Circulating biomarkers reflecting dose exposure (R. Tamarat; Fontenay-aux-Roses/FR)
  • General physical principles used for optimisation (G. Paulo; Coimbra/PT)
  • Dose distribution in interventional radiology (H. Schlattl; Munich/DE)

EuroSafe Imaging Session 4

European CT dose repository
When? Friday, March 3rd, 14:00-15:30
Where? Room M1

Moderators: J.A. Brink; Boston, MA/US; J. Damilakis; Iraklion/GR

  • The technical implementation of dose tracking tools (A. Torresin; Milan/IT)
  • How do dose tracking tools change the practice of radiographers? (S.J. Foley; Dublin/IE)
  • How do dose tracking tools change the practice of radiologists? (F. Zanca; Leuven/BE)
  • European CT Dose repository working group: summary of activities (E. Neri; Pisa/IT)
  • The ACR Dose Index Registry (R.L. Morin; Jacksonville, FL/US)
  • Questions and answers

EuroSafe Imaging Session 5

EuroSafe Imaging Stars
When? Friday, March 3rd, 16:00-17:30
Where? Room M1

Moderators: L. Bonomo; Rome/IT; S. Ebdon-Jackson; Didcot/UK

  • Value and limitations of the ‘Is your Imaging EuroSafe’ surveys (L. Bonomo; Rome/IT)
  • Integration of the ‘EuroSafe Imaging Clinical Audit Pack’ in imaging departments (B.E. Kelly; Belfast/UK)
  • Benchmarking: why, how and when? (J. Hakumäki; Kuopio/FI)
  • The value of achieving star status (D. Akata; Ankara/TR)
  • How to improve the EuroSafe imaging stars concept? (L. Donoso; Barcelona/ES)
  • Improving the integration of radiation protection in the clinical setting (G. Frija; Paris/FR)

Offering the chance for important networking and learning, ECR is a unique opportunity for any professional contributing in the field of imaging and radiology. As you can see, the 8 sessions mentioned above have some great line-ups covering interesting themes - we encourage you to attend all of them!

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Published on : Sat, 25 Feb 2017

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