HealthManagement, Volume 7 - Issue 2, 2007

Workshop on the Art of Leadership, Gstaad, Switzerland, Jan. 4 - 6, 2007

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MIR, the sub-committee of the European Society of Radiology (ESR) on management, are pleased to announce the success of their recently-held 13th Annual Workshop (Jan 4 – 6, 2007, Gstaad, Switzerland), on the theme of ”The Art of Leadership: Managing Priorities and Stress in Yourself and Those you Lead”. Said Prof. Georg Bongartz, outgoing Chair, “MIR workshops provide a lively forum for senior radiologists to explore current management topics and obtain further tools to aid their personal effectiveness and growth as managers of others”.

Feedback from regular and new participants confirms the tangible value of workshop sessions, including:

Examining a range of current leadership theory and figuring out what fits the world of radiology best;

• Opportunities for each participant to get group and leader feedback on real-life personal

• Tips and tools for winning back lost time and focusing on priorities;

• Techniques for managing stress;

• A base strategy for work/life equilibrium;

• An introduction to a powerful technique for coaching and developing others in the workplace.

As well as taking away their own extensive notes and personal plans, participants were introduced to a range of further reading and resources for continued self-development. Feedback from participants of this workshop was as enthusiastic as in previous years, encouraging MIR to start planning the next workshop. The call for the next MIR workshop is expected to be announced during the Annual MIR Congress in Oxford, UK, 10 – 13 October, 2007.

Why ‘Management’ in Radiology?

In the mid-Nineties, a group of radiologists recognised the growing impact of rapid changes in the radiology landscape, in concert with a lack of dedicated management training across Europe for radiologists. They established the “European Working Group on Management in Radiology”, (EWGMR) to address this skills deficit.

EWGMR organised the first winter course on management in radiology in 1995 in Davos (Switzerland), addressing general concepts in radiology. Further workshops focused on areas such as building and leading working teams, human resource management, interpersonal effectiveness and change management. In 2003, EWGMR became the Subcommittee on Management of the European Association (now – Society) of Radiology (MIR), and the winter course was renamed the “MIR workshop”.

Structure of the Workshop

Usually organised during the first or second weekend of each year in alpine locations, the workshop typically starts on a Thursday afternoon and ends on Saturday, at midday. Sessions last from 8am till 7pm, with a fourhour break for networking and outdoor activities. Both new and returning attendees at the workshop benefit from a select and limited participant level, allowing trainers to have greater input with individual participants. The venue, topic and faculty of the workshop is chosen by MIR members. Three major contrast agent producers (GE Healthcare, Schering and Guerbet) have sponsored the course since it began.

Expert Course Leaders

The 13th workshop in the series was by Gerd Pohl and Tony Poots, two highly experienced management trainers who created a dynamic learning environment for attendees to network and collectively explore the topics. Through a mix of lectures, discussions, simulations and coaching techniques, participants were encouraged to analyse their leadership role and plan their personal development as leaders. The complementary approach of both leaders, Tony with practical hints and examples for daily improvement and Gerd offering a more philosophical and psychological approach to the topic, offered attendees a thorough perspective on each issue.

Highlights from the Sessions According to Dr Sergei Nazarenko, a regular participant at the workshop, “One of the most enlightening lessons was about the link between self-esteem and leadership style. Also, we learned that distraction from important issues is not only due to external but also internal “work-interruptions”, acting like escape mechanisms from stressful situations”. He continues: “We also learned to distance ourselves in order to maintain objectivity to our own judgement and performance. The two facilitators made us aware of the potential in each and all of us and opened our eyes to mistakes we repeatedly make – just because we like them”.

This workshop was the last one organised by Antonio Santoro, Rome, who served as secretary to MIR over many years. His task will now be handed over to the ESR office in Vienna, where Henrik Silber will be the coordinator of future MIR events. Moreover, Georg Bongartz announced that his tenure as Chair of the MIR will end in March and he introduced his successor, Nicola Strickland, UK.

MIR, the sub-committee of the European Society of Radiology (ESR) on management, are pleased to announce the success of their recently-held 13th Annual Wo

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