HealthManagement, Volume 5 - Issue 3,2006

This Year’s Congress of Management in Radiology (MIR) Takes Place 5-7 October in Copenhagen.

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The theme for this year is ‘Current Trends and Future Priorities’. The programme promises a varied view of the future directions of management. Invited speakers include several members of the editorial board of IMAGING Management: Iain W. McCall; Johan Blickman; Jarl A. Jakobsen; Nicola Strickland; and Henrik Thomsen.



The conference presentations are on the following topics:


Trends in radiology management covering a range of topics of interest to the manager. These include: managing radiology space using a specialised software program; management aspects of radiological

error; informed consent for intravenous contrast injections; MDT records; costs of medicolegal cover in radiology in Europe; a comparative study of activity based vs. traditional costing in radiology; and the impact of hands-on obstetrical ultrasound training on performance on the radiology oral boards.


A session on teleradiology covering: crossdiscipline and cross-border issues; clinical, management and workload issues; the example of teleradiology in Australia; and the role of teleradiology in an academic radiology department's new business development strategy.


Presentations from leading companies in the industry, sharing their experience in: the role of competition in diagnostic imaging; the fusion of five companies; performance solution; user interface and high throughput; the benefits of EPR for the radiologist; and major elements of a quality management system.


Imaging management topics such as: the diffusion of molecular imaging; management issues in radiology and diagnose related groups organisational change, obstacles to work-changing technology; an analysis of an example of increased radiologic image data production; and the International Radiology Quality Network (IRQN)


Basic administration topics, including: training and development in changing organisation culture; management of the emergency radiology department; the impact of radiographer role extension; workforce shortages; timetables and workflow management.


The added value of radiology in: the development and refininement of guidelines; management issues in a filmless imaging department; clinical Integration of EPR-RIS-PACS; the EU eHealth Initiative and PACS; changes in the radiology department; data management; health technology assessment; RIS coding and mapping of RIS terminology; assessing and medical and economical aspects of personalised preventive medicine in diagnostic radiology.


The Chairman’s session on: conflict management; positive budget strategies for university radiology; the management network; managing a scattered radiology department using hybrid data mining; academic radiology in the UK; and a discussion from the European chairman's group. Research Issues, including: the impact of teleradiology on radiology; an update from the European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research; enhancing research in an academic radiology department; PACS and academic research; the integration of lung nodule computer aided detection into PACS; virtual solution-building for real-world telecommunication; and online PACS reporting using of EDI and speech recognition.


The full programme is available on the MIR website.


Further Information
MIR Office

Dr Antonio Santoro

Address: Via Amtonio Lotti 163,

00124 Rome – Italy

Phone: +39 339 7261050

Fax: +39 06 50934250


Theme<br> The theme for this year is ‘Current Trends and Future Priorities’. The programme promises a varied view of the future directions of managem

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