HealthManagement, Volume 11 - Issue 4, 2011

The Evolution of Management in Radiology (MIR)

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 The lasting impression this year, left with attendees of the annual Management in Radiology (MIR) scientific meeting, is that both the organisation and the event itself, continue to grow into a highly focused event dedicated to raising awareness of management and healthcare economics topics, not just for radiologists, but for leaders in related domains of imaging-led healthcare. MIR is evolving: not only is there higher audience par ticipation, and a more tightlypacked and varied schedule, but even more valuable information is shared as the congress draws its audience into post-session debates on each of the presented topics. In effect, MIR, as an organisation that presently offer s three leader ship-dedicated annual events, is clearly gaining ground. The Evolution of Management Review of MIR Annual Scientific Meeting.

MIR Chairman, Prof. Peter Mildenberger (Mainz, DE) kicked off the meeting by drawing attention to the growing importance of strategic thinking and the notable evolution of radiology as a science, which were the flavours of both this year's meeting as well as the profession of radiology itself. Prof. Mildenberger also welcomed the inclusion, this year, of junior radiologists, who had spent the day preceding the congress receiving mentoring, interview coaching and career advice, and were also welcomed to the main congress itself. More and more, the next generation of imaging professionals are recognising the vital importance of learning management skills as early as possible: the old impression of radiologists as being management and leadership-shy is rapidly evaporating, and MIR is lighting their way.

Session Highlights

The congress covered a range of useful sessions on topics from reporting, coding and finances, to imaging strategies, clinical decision support, architectural and organisational challenges, e-health, controversies in ultrasound, and also management issues in education and research. A new facet of the meeting was included during the second day of the congress, which included the presentation of abstracts for poster presentations. This innovation was designed to encourage the participation of researchers, including radiologists in training, and radiology managers. The best papers were presented in a special poster session under the topic of "Management Around the World" of whom the winners included Sophie Calmus, gabriel Bartal, Martin Maurer, Béatrice Falise Mirat, Daniel Pintos dos Santos, Nadine Koff, Maren Ebert, Bernd May, Mansoor Fatehi.

Why is Management Important to Attendees?

As pointed out by MIR Chairman, Prof. Mildenberger, management is increasingly important in times of crisis. This was emphasised by presenter and attendee Prof. Rémy Demuth who stated that "Simply put, management is an important part of our job." This was the overall viewpoint held by congress attendees, that particularly for medical imaging, management is one way to ensure ongoing high standards of professionality, technological performance and renewed commitment to the patient.

The junior section of the MIR congress audience from the preceding day's management meeting also benefitted from this focus. As the younger generation, they recognise that to advance in their careers, management is something that should be developed right from the beginning. Presenter and long-standing contributor to the MIR congress, Prof. Howard galloway stated that he was "... pleased to see the inclusion of young radiologists in the congress. It is very important to capitalise on the enthusiasm of young residents and ensure that they take part in management education."

Finally, second-time MIR attendee Dr. Sana Pasqualine stated "Every time I attend MIR, I get something new. For example, I am attending an interview next week. As a radiologist, at the interview your practical skills are taken for granted, it's very clear if you are a good radiologist or not. But now, your potential employer also wants to know things related to management, for example how you manage finances, what you are like as a colleague to work with, and your expectations of being in a position of management, on which you are expected to have an opinion." Clearly, while the larger more wellknown annual radiology gatherings provide a certain smaller focus on management, there is a definite need for this congress, which provides a management-trained viewpoint.

What's Next for MIR?

The dates and locations for next year's edition of the MIR Annual Scientific Meeting and related events are as follows:

- Management in Radiology Annual Winter Course, January 12 – 14, 2012, (Schladming, Austria), during which experienced trainers from "Inspire Change" will coach a select number of attendees on the following five key topics:

  • Chairing National & International Meetings 
  • Advanced Presentation Skills
  • Negotiating
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Influencing

- Next year's Annual Scientific Meeting will be held in Genoa Italy from October 11 – 12, 2012, so save the date in your meeting calendar!

- The next edition of the MIR Junior Course will be held just prior to the Annual Scientific Meeting, on October 10, 2012, in Genoa, Italy.


For all other information relating to MIR, please visit the website on



Prof. Peter Mildenberger, Chairman of Management in Radiology 

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Dr. Jane Adam & Prof. Rémy Demuth Chairing a Session

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Young Radiologists Speak With Prof. Elisabeth Schouman-Claes

 The lasting impression this year, left with attendees of the annual Management in Radiology (MIR) scientific meeting, is that both the organisation

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