HealthManagement, Volume 13 - Issue 2, 2013

The Almighty Power of IT

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The revelations of Edward Snowden made it once again clear: “Big Brother” is watching us everywhere. It is not up to me to comment on the ethical impact of the U.S. National Security Agency, in particular as I was wondering why no western government was complaining against this infringement of our privacy. But it brings the incredible impact of IT into the spotlight.


“IT Really is Everywhere”.

With this in mind we have taken the decision to create a new, integrated platform to face the challenges of today’s world. Beginning in the 1990s highly specialised journals served our communities. But the latest research has highlighted a growing need for an all-inclusive platform. Different disciplines have to learn from each other!


Let me therefore welcome you to the first issue of HealthManagement. Based on IMAGING Management (we will continue with this numbering), it will incorporate the ideas and research of Healthcare IT and Cardiology Management, as these disciplines require a broad understanding with refined knowledge of specific management issues. For example, imaging is in many healthcare departments now, and is not just confined to the radiology department.


We aim to be the premier healthcare management and technology journal, thus providing a cross-departmental understanding of the key healthcare issues for the relevant stakeholders.


The Cover Story of our first issue focuses on social media. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have all grown in popularity, and we highlight what platforms you will find in healthcare. Lorenzo Faggioni (p.12) looks at social media in radiology as research tools and for everyday diagnostic activity. We interviewed Roland Talanow (p.16), the founder of Radiolopolis, a global community for radiologists, which includes a wide array of tools and forums for the imaging world. Bertalan Meskó, creator of Webicina, is another social media visionary, and is interviewed on page 18.


Ethical and legal issues in radiology are the focus of our Imaging Insights section. Aparna Annam (p.20) looks at legal aspects of radiology, and a session at the last Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting, which covered what residents and fellows need to know about this important issue. Peter Mackenzie (p.24) follows with an article on medicolegal aspects of radiology, with insights from the Medical Protection Society on recent trends as well as advice on how to manage risks.


One way radiologists can affirm their professional ethics is to join the RSNA’s Radiology Cares Campaign (p.28). This is an innovative campaign to promote the visibility of radiologists. The final article in this section is by Mathias Goyen (p.30), who looks at the exciting prospects of personalised medical technology.


Our IT Intelligence section covers cloud computing for health information management with an article from Mu-Hsing Huo and colleagues (p.34), which explains the concept and opportunities and challenges for health information management.


In Management Matters (p.40) Rebekah Page Rogers discusses communication for dif ferent types of leaders in healthcare.


Next, in Cardio Spotlight (p.43) Sowmya Rajagopalan covers the latest developments in cardiac imaging.


In Interventions (p.45), Philippe Pereira and colleagues write about the advances in lung cancer treatment that interventional radiology provides.


In Focus is on infection. Jared Greenberg (p.48) covers healthcareassociated bacterial infection as a source of sepsis in patients with HIV.


In Perspectives (starting on p.50), we interview Ankit Shukla from Frost & Sullivan about medical technologies in the future. Focusing on Brazil, we feature an interview with Waleska Santos, the founder of Hospitalar, the leading medical fair in South America and in Compass (p.54) look at the state of radiology there.


Datebook on page 56 lists upcoming congresses. Ciara Madden (p.57) describes the delights in store at the forthcoming Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology Society of Europe (CIRSE) Annual Meeting.

«« Incidental Findings in Paediatric CT Scans Rare But Significant

In Breast Cancer Detection, the Evidence Points to Tomosynthesis »»

The revelations of Edward Snowden made it once again clear: “Big Brother” is watching us everywhere. It is not up to me to comment on the ethical impa

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