Imaging Management, Volume 6 - Issue 2, 2006

Siemens Launch New Radiography System

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Siemens Medical Solutions recently launched Axiom Aristos FX Plus, the new radiography system with integrated flat detector (FD) technology.


The new radiography system covers a wide range of examinations including the head, thorax, abdomen, pelvis and extremities or in the trauma room. Benefits of the new system allow the user to control all system movements via wireless remote control, allowing them to control collimator settings, patient table movements as well as Xray tube and detector positions.


Moreover, the remote control is equipped with a safety feature that produces an audible warning if it is more than 15 metres away from the system – ensuring safe return of the device. Another user-friendly feature is the new detector housing for easy grid management.

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SiemensMedical Solutions recently launched Axiom Aristos FX Plus, the new radiographysystem with integrated flat detector (FD) technology. Thenew radi

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