Imaging Management, Volume - 5 - Issue 1, 2006


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Anja Sussner, PR Manager



Planning Software for Particle Therapy with Protons

The German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and Siemens Medical Solutions recently signed a cooperative as well as licensing agreement for software to be used for the planning of particle therapy with protons.


Siemens will receive the exclusive right of use for software and calculation methods for accurately planning particle therapy sessions with protons, and will reciprocate by supporting research positions for a period of three years. Additionally, the Institute will benefit from revenues through the sale of software for therapy planning.


Important components of the agreement include the planning program for tumors in the brain and the body (‘KonRad2’) and for eye tumors (‘OCTOPUS’). The programs enable the required radiation techniques and optimum dose to be calculated quickly based on CT and MRI images. The new products will be used at the University Clinic in Heidelberg once the heavy ion therapy (HIT) system is completed, then implemented by Siemens in standard solutions for particle therapy, making them available to cancer patients worldwide.

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Anja Sussner, PR ManagerWWW.MEDICAL.SIEMENS.COM Planning Software forParticle Therapy with ProtonsThe German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and Siemens

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