Imaging Management, Volume 8 - Issue 2, 2008

Profile of the Austrian Society of Radiological Technologists:

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Dr. Michaela Rosenblattl


Verband der Radiologietechnologinnen


(Austrian Society of Radiological


Vienna, Austria

[email protected]

Please Tell Us a Little Bit About the History of Your Society and How it has Evolved Since it was Founded.

Founded in 1961, the Austrian Society of Radiological Technologists is now about 48 years old. During this time, the Society was involved in the process of establishing rules and laws for the profession of radiological technology. At the beginning, we were quite a small organisation with only about 70 members while presently, we have nearly 800.


We are now also a registered state organisation in Austria. The Society is governed by the ministry of health, the national medical association, and the governing body of paramedical professionals (Medical Technological Society of Austria).

Please Tell Us a Little About its Main Activities.

One of our main activities is to develop and promote the professional qualifications and occupational characteristics of radiologic technologists.


We also organise an annual congress and offer a platform for the posting of jobs for radiologic technologists. These services are much appreciated by our members and help us to network. We also issue a number of different publications and newsletters during the year.


What are the Main Challenges Facing Radiologic Technicians in Austria and how Does Your Society Help to Address Them?

Education of radiologic technologists is housed in the University of Applied Science where trainees may attain a bachelor degree of science in health studies. The study programmes include diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology, radio-oncology and nuclear medicine.

Is Your Society Active in the Field of Educating its Members? How is this Achieved?

Yes - in 2005 the Society adopted the Continuing Medical Education (CME) point system. We offer our members the possibility to take part and thus generate 150 points within three years. We also have partnership programmes for continuing education with medical societies and companies.

Does Your Society Host Any Kinds of Events or Congresses for its Members?

Each year during Spring, we organise a big congress that includes a variety of themes in diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology, radio-oncology and nuclear medicine which are consolidated under a single theme.


The role of radiologic technicians is growing and changing in Austria - the profession has expanded and now includes roles in application of contrast media, as freelance worker, agent of radioprotection, network agent in radiology and teleradiology, though it does not yet include reporting.


We are also focusing on future changes we would like to see happen to improve the working lives of our members. With this in mind, we have taken the decision to establish a paramedic council to register professionals and to have more power of veto before nascent rules pass through the legislative process, as well as to negotiate for increased salaries. 

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IntervieweeDr. Michaela RosenblattlPresidentVerband der RadiologietechnologinnenÖsterreichs(Austrian Society of RadiologicalTechnologists)Vienna, Austriapr

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