Imaging Management, Volume 9 - Issue 2, 2009

Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS)


ECRI Institute Europe, Weltech Centre Ridgeway,

Welwyn Garden City, Herts AL7 2AA, United Kingdom

[email protected]



ECRI Institute, a non-profit organisation, dedicates itself to bringing the discipline of applied scientific research in healthcare to uncover the best approaches to improving patient care. As pioneers in this science for nearly 40 years, ECRI Institute marries experience and independence with the objectivity of evidence-based research.


ECRI Institute’s focus is medical device technology, healthcare risk and quality management, and health technology assessment. It provides information services and technical assistance to more than 5,000 hospitals, healthcare organisations, ministries of health, government and planning agencies, voluntary sector organisations and accrediting agencies worldwide. Its databases (over 30), publications, information services and technical assistance services set the standard for the healthcare community.


More than 5,000 healthcare organisations worldwide rely on ECRI Institute’s expertise in patient safety improvement, risk and quality management, healthcare processes, devices, procedures and drug technology. ECRI Institute is one of only a handful of organisations designated as both a Collaborating Centre of the World Health Organisation and an evidencebased practice centre by the US Agency for healthcare research and quality.


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ContactECRIInstitute Europe, Weltech Centre Ridgeway,WelwynGarden City, Herts AL7 2AA, United [email protected] - ECRI Inst

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